Breast Feeding Might Not Be Much Better Than Bottle Feeding Says Study

Breast Feeding Might Not Be Much Better Than Bottle Feeding Says Study

Breast feeding may not be all that much better than bottle feeding says a new research study that has been released this week. It is sure to restart the argument over whether breast feeding is best for a baby over being the bottle. The new study was printed up in the journal Social Science & Medicine, and examined information from three different sets of child groups. One was about 8,240 children, the second was nearly 7,320 siblings and the third was around 1,770 sibling pairs where one youngster was breast-fed and at least one of the other siblings were not.

Researchers looked at 11 outcomes that had formerly been believed to have been affected by breast feeding. They were obesity, body mass index, hyperactivity, asthma, behavior compliance, parental attachment, achievement in vocabulary, intelligence, math ability, reading recognition and scholastic aptitude.

When they examined the information from all the various families, the children that were breast fed ended up showing having better outcomes than kids who have been bottle fed in areas such as lower body mass index, math skills, hyperactivity, reading recognition, vocabulary word identification and obesity.

Yet when the scientists looked only at the siblings who were fed in a different way, the benefits did not seem that substantial. The one exception ended up being that children who had been breast fed children actually had higher chances of getting asthma, although it was not clear if such reports were real diagnoses. It is a proven fact that mothers who have a higher level of education, more disposable income and greater flexibility in daily agendas are more probable to breast feed their children. Prior research has also shown definite economic and racial inequalities between families who breast feed and those who do not.

There have been other studies that have also been cynical about the various claims over the benefits breast feeding, such as weight being maintained. However, the newest study is also unlikely to get any new recommendations to come out, and breast feeding a baby will still be highly sanctioned by the majority of pediatric crowds.

Numerous studies declare that breast feeding is good for the baby’s development, and that it is also healthy for mothers. The CDC states that it is dedicated to increasing the rates of breastfeeding all over the United States and that it wants to promote and support ideal breastfeeding practices so to help improve the health of the public.

However the study seems to show that any benefits of breast feeding have been overstated. The study’s chief research lead, Cynthia Colen, from Ohio State University, explained that most former breast feeding studies had selection bias. They either did not or were unable to statistically regulate for certain factors such as age, family income, race or mother’s employment. These were all things that are known to affect breast feeding and also health results.

When children from various families were matched, the kids who had been breast fed did better than kids who were not breast fed. But mothers who breast feed their children always seem to have some sort of financial or educational advantage. They are most often better educated and/or wealthier. When children were fed in different ways that came from the very same family were equated, there was no difference except for the asthma as was mentioned above.

This study seems to show that breast feeding is good, but it should not be given such a high priority in society. Colen stated that everyone needs to take a  more careful look at what occurs after the first year of life and understand that breast feeding just may be extremely difficult, even impossible to do, for certain women. Rather than placing blame, society needs to be more realistic about what breast feeding does and does not really do for a child. More research seems to be coming out that shows breast feeding benefits are modest at best.

The new research study will surely restart the argument over whether breast feeding is best for a baby over being bottle fed. The new study was printed up this week in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

By Kimberly Ruble


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2 Responses to "Breast Feeding Might Not Be Much Better Than Bottle Feeding Says Study"

  1. TJ   May 6, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    It simply comes down to personal choice. I did not breastfeed my two daughters. They grew up to be very healthy adult women…each very different in every way from the other.

    I now live in Mexico–where I would guess, maybe 95% are breastfeeding moms. Everyone here believes that breastfeeding is healthier than bottle feeding. However, they also believe in things like clipping your babies nails with a clipper will cause them to go blind, if your baby cries constantly it’s because the roof of their mouth has collapsed along with the soft spot on their head and needs to be pushed back up by a self certified curandero or that your baby is cold or wet if he gets the hiccups….just to name a few. If you choose not to breastfeed, you are constantly bombarded with questions of why not and lectures of why you should. However, looking at the babies and children here….the breastfed ones are frequently sick with something or other and small and/or under weight. The few that are bottle fed are healthy–never or rarely sick and always ahead in weight and size for their age group. (Not at all fat–just thick and healthy.)

    Personally, I think breastfeeding is over rated. It may have been the better choice over bottle feeding many, many years ago when our environment wasn’t so polluted. Unless you’re a mom that eats only organic foods (and is certain it is indeed organic and not just labeled as such) then what you put into your mouth is what you’re feeding your baby too. Our air, water and crop fields are not as clean or healthy as they once were. They are polluted with years upon years of chemicals and pesticides. As I see it, in this day and age…..bottle feeding and breastfeeding run neck and neck. It’s a personal choice.

    By the way….my two daughters on breastfeeding….one chooses to and the other refuses to. The one that chooses to, does so for the wrong reason. She breastfeeds because she doesn’t want to hear the lecture from her mother-in-law. So she bears with it for the first month or so till she finds an excuse to bottle feed. She too believes that breastfeeding is over rated.

  2. Mellissa   February 28, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    This is total bullsh¡t! Because we all know that feeding our children synthetic food/ formula MADE IN CHINA WHERE THEY ARE NOT REGULATED is better than breast milk! Not! I refuse to even go into all the reasons why breast milk is better, however I will say that it’s true about some women not being able to breast feed. I’m one of them so I have to exclusively pump. Our society is so skewed on the matter it’s disgusting

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