Bruce Jenner Life in Plastic

Bruce Jenner Life in Plastic

Bruce Jenner Life in Plastic

Like the lyrics in the 1997 Aqua song Barbie Girl, Bruce Jenner is living a life in plastic. There has been speculation that the 64 year-old Olympian is obsessed, or even addicted to plastic surgery like the late Michael Jackson. While Jenner has been getting quite a few things done, he has not yet approached the level reached by the late musical icon. However, sources close to Bruce have said that he is more than a little concerned with looking youthful.

The other half of Kris Jenner, although not for much longer since the two have separated, recently had his adams apple shaved prompting rumors that Bruce was looking to have a sex change operation. Certain family members have accused Jenner of trying to turn back the clock, in an attempt to regain his lost youth. These “member” have gone on to point out that he has grown his hair long, which Jenner like to put in a ponytail, and had nose and neck alterations. All in order to make himself look better, or younger, when riding his Harley.

According to other sources both of the Jenner girls, Kendall and Kylie don’t really know what to make of their dad’s life in plastic. Bruce is beginning to look less like his natural gender as he continues his quest to appear younger. The adams apple shaving operation is just the last thing he’s had done and the combination of Jenner’s more feminine appearance and an operation that is part of the sex change process has caused tongues to wag.

Kris Jenner has told all who will listen that Bruce does not want to become a woman. She insists that this rumor has been around since the 1970’s after he won Gold in the 1976 Olympics. Kris said this is just a resurgence of that old “tabloid fodder.” Whether the mother of the Kardashian clan really knows what is going on in the mind of her estranged husband remains to be seen. This is, after all, the same woman who also insists that Bruce is not stepping out of the reality television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

It could well be that Kris is correct. Bruce himself has explained that he had the laryngeal shave because he didn’t like his trachea. Jenner has had plastic surgery more than once; as far back as 1984 the Decathlon Gold Medal winner had a partial facelift and got his nose done. He liked the results so much that he had another lift in 2009. It has been speculated that Bruce has poor self image issues resulting from his childhood dyslexia. Medical experts have said that if Jenner is addicted to plastic surgery it could be because he suffers from a body dysmorphic disorder.

Jenner’s two daughters; Kylie and Kendall are certainly having their own issues with dad’s plastic surgery obsession. On top of Bruce looking more feminine after each surgery, social media is having a field day at his expense. Kendall, when she’s not showing off her nipples on the fashion runway, still likes to spend time with her father while Kylie has been avoiding Bruce except when KUWTK is filming. Regardless of the reason, Jenner likes his life in plastic and as the Aqua song says, he seems to think “it’s fantastic.”

By Michael Smith


International Business Times