Facebook Announces America’s Most Romantic City and You’ll be Surprised

FacebookAs Valentine’s Day 2014 heads into the past, Facebook announces America’s most romantic city and you’ll be a little surprised.  No, it’s not San Francisco, New Orleans or New York.  In fact, it’s none of the places you would imagine.

America’s most romantic city is Colorado Springs, CO.

Just how do they know that?  Well it turns out Colorado Springs has the least “relationship formation” on Facebook users’ timelines, so they figure there must be more single people available and out there for the plucking.

It seems the Facebook guys are getting bored, and as they often do, they ran a data study.  This time it happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day and what they found was interesting.  For instance, San Francisco, which would be so many people’s choice as the most romantic city in the U.S. of A. actually scored low.  Apparently the ratio of single men to single women is heavy on the male side.  Sorry ladies, not enough single guys.

On the other hand, if you visit Memphis, you’ll get the absolute opposite, as there the single gals outnumber the single guys.

Detroit apparently has the highest percentage of single people among the biggest cities in the U.S.A.  Whether that is related to the bad economy is not mentioned.

According to Bogdan State, a member of the Data Science team, while Facebook has surprised readers as it announces America’s most romantic city, you’ll find its about much more than that.

They can also tell how many relationships are going to last.

According to State, around 50 percent of Facebook relationships that have been going for three months are likely to carry on for four years or longer.  He also says that the summer months of May through July are likely to herald the most breakups.  This, apparently, eases off in February, which might, of course, be due to Valentine’s Day.

Facebook currently has around 1.23 billion users of all kinds, whether single, married, divorced, widowed, etc. and of course, Facebook knows the numbers.

According to them, if a couple is about to enter a serious relationship, they tend to interact more on the social media site in the initial weeks and days before announcing this.  In fact, before making their status official on Facebook, they will, apparently, share around 1.67 posts each and every day.  Once their status is official, they tend to interact less in the social media, possibly because they are spending more physical time together and wasting less time online.

Researchers are saying that one of these days, they might even be able to predict whether a couple will last, or break up, just by scrunching the numbers of their interaction on the website.  Naturally, however, not everyone shares the more personal details of their life in such a public fashion.

Apparently it was the Wall Street Journal who started off the current little data dig for the most romantic city, however.  They propositioned Facebook to do the study and the social network picked the month of October to rank all the major U.S. cities by percentage of singles upgrading from a “Single” to an “In a relationship” status.

One Colorado Springs resident, Claudine Malcolm-Telley, told her local media that she wasn’t surprised at all at the results and said the whole thing is to do with the high altitude.  She says “It warps our brain” adding that because they exercise a lot, the dopamine makes them happy and, of course, happy people fall in love.

She said that the way she met her husband would never have happened in, for instance, New York City.  He apparently walked up to her as she was filling up her car at a gas station.  He straight out told her she was pretty and gave her his phone number, and the rest is romantic marital history.

So now you know how much information on your love life Facebook has accumulated, you’ll not be surprised as the social network announces America’s most romantic city and tells you whether your relationship will last.

By Anne Sewell


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