Bruce Jenner Not Keeping Up With Kardashians

Bruce Jenner

Crashing the presses are allegations that Bruce Jenner is not Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Distinguishing fact from fiction on a reality show is hardly a simple task. Jenner seems to be falling behind in the “Olympic” reality race. Reports have began circulating that he will not return for the taping of season ten.   Kris Jenner has countered the accusations as completely false.

Keeping up with the Kardashians is a long running reality series chronicling the lives of family members survived by Robert Kardashian Sr.  Robert Kardashian Sr. is the lawyer who defended O.J. Simpson and lost his life to cancer in 2003. Jenner stepped in to become the patriarch of the Kardashian household.  Keeping up with the Kardashians first aired in October 2007. Profusely apparent was that the Jenner Kardashian tribe was heavily dominated and driven by female force. Jenner portrays a loving father, husband, and motivational speaker.

As seasons began to increase in revenue and ratings Bruce and Kris Jenners’ marriage seemed to be under some strain.  Kris Jenner again spoke out publicly clarifying she and her husband were not separating.  Although, in season eight, Jenner moved into a new Malibu home separate from his wife and children.  Jenner was featured less on the show and seemed to be much more relaxed with this outcome. Jenner’s role began diminishing as story lines began focusing primarily on the female stars.  Notably evident when the Kardashians pondered releasing the annual Christmas card with only the “girls.”  Jenner was adamant that it was a family photo and he is part of the family.

Bargaining into a family photo may have been the prelude to Jenners’ doubts in filming.  The self proclaimed golf enthusiast has struggled to build bonds with his sons from a previous marriage.  Bruce Jenner would like to establish with his sons the same binding connection he shares with his daughters.  Yet another element as to why Jenner is not keeping up with the Kardashians.       

The Olympic gold medalist knows how to bring home the gold in copious aspects of life and competition. However, he seems to barely place when it comes to Kris Jenner’s spotlighted extravagant manner of living.  Bruce Jenner is a simple guy that enjoys simple things.  In his simplicity he is unindulged and has no desire for the fast lane shuffle.  This is the polar opposite of the Kardashian existence.  Evidently a middle-aged man who plays with helicopters, rides motor cycles,  and plays golf does not want to fight paparazzi on a daily.  These multi-faceted components may be strategically laid to force a less messy exit.  With contracts in negotiations, climbing to sums of $40 million plus, Jenner may also be a pawn in the Kardashian publicity game.  Story lines of happily playing golf and helicopter games does not induce as many ratings as failing marriages, infidelities, and drug use.  Bruce Jenner’s clean cut conservative image has underwent some construction.  The long blown out hair streaked with blond may not be enough to keep up with the Kardashians.

By Ebony Waller

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