Drake Apologizes for Philip Seymour Hoffman Complaint

DrakeDrake has apologized for his latest complaint against Rolling Stone and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It comes after a backlash for the comments he made yesterday over his annoyance at being knocked off the front cover of the popular music magazine.

On Thursday, Drake took to Twitter to express just how angry he was at no longer being featured on the cover of Rolling Stone. He complained that the magazine chose to bump him, in favor of the late actor, Hoffman, who was found dead in his home almost two weeks ago. He has since deleted his tweet and expressed his sincere apologies, via his blog.

In his apology, he states that the media took his tweet complaint out of context. Drake indicated that complaint was not issued simply because Hoffman would be on the magazine’s cover, but due to the fact that he was not on it. He would have liked the option to have waited for a later date and have his interview published then. The 27-year-old explained that he felt violated by not being given the option, but in no way expected them to choose him over the great actor, Hoffman.

However, the tweeted complaints did not just extend to the star being bumped from the front cover of the Rolling Stone. He started to express how evil the media is and that he would no longer do interviews with magazines. Apparently, the 27-year-old rapper merely wants to share his music.

Amid Drake’s apologizing for his Hoffman complaint, he has also broken his silence over previous complaints about Kanye West’s latest tracks. He says that he was misquoted when commenting on lyrics, like the use of “swaghili,” in one of West’s recent tracks. The interviewer at Rolling Stone states that the quotes were typed as they were spoken and that Drake did talk about West’s Yeezus.

Unfortunately, for the rapper, the bad press didn’t stop there. Part of the Rolling Stone interview included his comments about the recent text that Kendrick Lamar received from Macklemore. Macklemore won the Best Rap Album award at the Grammy’s and felt the need to apologize for the win. Drake explained how cheap the text message felt and that it was unnecessary. He went on to explain that it was something Macklemore had tapped into that the likes of Lamar and West had failed to. It happens but Macklemore should own his music instead of feeling guilty.

The apology on his blog has been open for comments. Many of the rapper’s fans have taken to his website to express how grown up he has been, for apologizing and accepting that he made a mistake. One user, Jada, explained the explanation was unnecessary, but the fact that he did it showed great character. Another user, TheYoungPete, also mentioned how much character it shows the 27-year-old has.

The tweets, responsible for all of the controversy, have since been deleted. The only two that remain include the tweet where Drake says he is done giving interviews for magazines, as well as the link to his blog, apologizing for the Hoffman complaint.

By Alexandria Ingham


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2 Responses to "Drake Apologizes for Philip Seymour Hoffman Complaint"

  1. Andrew Hampton   February 27, 2014 at 12:15 am

    We people to often talk to much ! Want to much attention ! If I was as rich as these people are ! I would be to busy having fun or trying to make the world a better place ! The last thing I would be worried about is being on the cover of another VAIN magazine cover ! Tell me how much attention do we HUMANS really need to start feelibg good about ourselves ?

  2. Shelley   February 16, 2014 at 1:20 am

    Drake needed to apologize…Even though he intended no disrespect…

    I suppose the bottom line for Drake is that 117 characters is not sufficient space for him to rant…It would have been better to do an interview on The Wendy Williams Show instead of tweeting…

    WAHM Shelley… 🙂

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