Bruce Jenner’s Bouffant Hairdo, Shiny Long Nails, Earrings and Lip Gloss


Bruce Jenner has recently been photographed with a new, huge, puffy bouffant hairdo, pretty earrings, lip gloss, and very shiny rather long nails. His appearance has been feeding rumors like fuel to a wildfire. Those rumors center on the premise that Bruce Jenner may be seeking sex reassignment surgery. While Jenner and his entire camp, including estranged wife Kris Jenner, firmly deny that Jenner is planning a sex-change operation, media speculation continues to run rampant, and Jenner’s most recent photos show him looking more like a woman than ever before.

Kris Jenner went on the show Entertainment Tonight to deny the rumors and said that the story has been entirely fabricated by the media. However, although Kris may be angry at media outlets for what she calls a “made up” story, it is difficult to dismiss the very feminine appearance of Bruce Jenner.

Bruce Jenner appears to be growing out his nails.

In addition to his lip gloss, shiny long nails, earrings in both ears and puffy bouffant hairdo, Bruce reportedly had adam’s apple surgery to reduce the size of his adam’s apple. While his official explanation for the surgery was that he simply does not like his adam’s apple and never has; the surgery is a very common procedure for pre-op male to female transgender people.

The International Business Times recently reported that it was in touch with a source close to the Jenner/Kardashian clan and that the source said Kris Jenner is well aware of her estranged husband’s wishes; and that she is planning on spilling the beans about his desire to become a woman if he fails to cooperate with her during their impending divorce. The same source also said that Bruce loves getting his hands and feet pampered with mani/pedis, that he constantly plucks his eyebrows and that he won’t go anywhere without wearing his diamond earrings, which he is frequently photographed wearing in both ears.

His hairdo is quite noticeable, because it is a classical teased bouffant, and he has also dyed it in the “ombre” style, which is half dark and half blond. His stepdaughter Kim Kardashian also recently dyed her hair in this style, which is all the rage with celebrities these days.

Bruce Jenner enjoys wearing his diamond earrings.

Other online web magazines have a different explanation for Bruce’s changing looks. Rumor has it that he may be addicted to getting plastic surgery, and that his new appearance is a symptom of his addiction to the knife. He may be attempting to regain the looks he had in youth which might explain why his face appears tight and his nose appears to be a lot smaller than prior to his having had work done on his face.

In addition to his new bouffant ombre hairdo, his shiny long nails, his lip gloss and his diamond earrings, Bruce Jenner is also reported to have had extensions put into his hair to make it thicker and much longer. Whether he is in the process of gender reassignment surgery or simply wants to appear years younger, he’s sure getting a lot of attention with his fancy new looks.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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