Georgia Precautionary Was Right Move


Wednesday, the snowstorm that hit the southeastern hemisphere effected states from Texas to Kentucky, covering states like Georgia in an icy landscape compared to the previous powdered. The streets are covered with so much ice with snow scattered atop patches of green and the corners of roofs. Georgia’s precautionary state of emergency is proving to be a right move in hind site of the frozen blunder that happened a couple of weeks ago.

With the weather cast promising the least of the storm being passed by noon today, the southeastern residents of the United States need brace for more to come. A local news station reports an approximate 200,00 people without power this afternoon. Trees sways back and forth as the wind starts to pick up with the day passing closer to-night, its is seemingly evident that soon a stronger wave of the storm is approaching. The change began with a light rain and snow that turned back to rain washing most of the snow away, then came a cold front and a more of a freeze-over than a snow-storm.

Forecasters warn residents to not expect a warm relief until late Thursday. The biggest problem and concern so far is ice with winds in Georgia averaged at about 30 mph. The governor of Georgia, Nathan Dean’s precautionary state of emergency was the right move indeed, canceling and closing all schools and businesses with fear of a repeat of last week. Its forecast compared to an Atlanta ice storm in 2000 that left more than 500,000 homes and businesses without power and $35 million of damages, or the classic storm in 1973 with its estimated 200,000 outages reported.

In Texas, four deaths have been reported and another two in Mississippi due to traffic-related incidents. A possibility of more than nine inches of snow was reported with a 4-5 inch prediction in Atlanta and up to 14 inches in Virginia had people racing to stores to fill up in gas and food before the storm arrived. Upwards of 100,000 people are without power in North and South Carolina, as well as Alabama. These numbers are expected to rise to a greater digit before it is all said and done, as twenty-two states from the south to the northeastern coast are under winter weather advisory.

The U.S. Women’s National Team postponed its soccer match with Russia in Atlanta. It was scheduled to take place Wednesday but after canceling Tuesday’s training session, the game was moved to Thursday at 7:30 in the Georgia Dome.  More than 2,500 flights were canceled with more than 800 of those recorded from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Amtrak has also cancelled its railway services in the entire effected region.

Coweta EWC reports more than 65,000 in metro Atlanta, 23,446 customers in eastern Georgia around the Augusta area, more than 38,000 customers in Clayton County, approximately 2,000 customers in the Macon area, and 14,000 in Coweta County all without power by 11 a.m. With the worst of the storm yet to be seen, it’s advised that the southeastern residents remained anchored down until warmer climates reemerge sometime tomorrow.

By Michael Augustine


ABC Local

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