Buttock Injections Bring Verdict of Manslaughter

Natasha Stewart has been convicted of manslaughter in the case of illegal buttock injections administered to Karima Gordon. The verdict was announced by a court in Jackson, Mississippi. The trial in the death of Karima Gordon brings the spotlight once again to another “back alley” medical procedure. Ms. Gordon died as a result of complications from the unauthorized injections.

Stewart is 39 years old and from Memphis, Tennessee. She is also known in the adult entertainment world as Pebbelz Da Model. According to the jury,  Stewart played a significant role in Gordon receiving the injections of silicone. Stewart insisted that she had arranged all the details in order to help, not hurt, Gordon.

The jury decided that Stewart was guilty and implemented a charge of culpable negligent manslaughter. She was charged at first with a callous disregard for human life resulting in death, known as depraved heart murder. However, the jury was given instructions to consider a lesser charge, which is what they convicted her on. The original one would have given her a penalty of life in prison. The current charge, plus a charge of conspiracy, carry a sentence of 20 years each.

Gordon was from Atlanta, Georgia. She was 37 years old when she found  Stewart on the internet. There was a $200 referral fee given to the Stewart by  Gordon.  Stewart has said that it was not a fee but a gift from Gordon for helping her out. Stewart had arranged for Gordon to meet a “nurse” named Tracey Lynn Garner.

Tracey Lynn Garner, formerly known as Morris Garner, is not, nor has she ever been, a nurse.  Stewart falsely claimed and represented that Garner was a nurse. Garner has been accused of carrying out the fatal buttock injection procedure. The injections were administered at Garner’s house in Jackson, Mississippi. Stewart claimed to have received the injections herself over 20 times in a period of over seven years.

The trial for  Stewart’s part in the buttock injections has brought her a verdict of manslaughter. Garner will go to trial in March. Garner is charged with depraved heart murder for the death of Gordon and also for the death of Marilyn Hale who was from Selma, Alabama. Garner has pleaded not guilty.

The injections, according to investigators, were of a silicon-type substance. After the substance came in contact with  Gordon’s body, it caused blood to clot in her lungs. Veterinary syringes were used to perform the injections. Cotton balls and glue were used to seal the sites of the injections.

Stewart had a friend relay condolences to  Gordon’s family and friends after the verdict was delivered. Stewart was found not guilty on additional charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She is currently awaiting sentencing on the manslaughter verdict.

The verdict in this case has brought about a warning for those considering buttock injections or any other types of illegal medical procedures. Deaths from these types of illegal procedures have been reported in other states as well.  Stewart’s role in the case has been determined. The sentencing date for the verdict of manslaughter has not yet been set.

By Saki Kahala


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    Who needs this sort of thing? God made you the way you are–be happy with it….

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