Cannabis Cure for Bad Dreams?


Many Americans are talking about Cannabis for a number of different reasons, and one of those reasons is a possible cure for bad dreams. There have been a spell of reports over the years on the suspected benefits of cannabis. Could it also be the answer to some for their nightmares or restless sleeping habits?

CannabisTalking with different managers from some of the most popular dispensaries in and around the Seattle Washington area about some of the reasons their customers or patients were using Marijuana. We found that a vast amount of them were in fact using cannabis to aid them in the in the area of sleeping. Some claimed to use it to get through the night for pain related issues that prevent them from achieving a good night’s rest. Surprisingly we were also able to discover that a good number of the people reported on were additionally using the herb as a combatant to unpleasant dreams otherwise known as nightmares. Some users told reporters that they “used to have terrible dreams, and very often,” until they started using cannabis before going to sleep. Some folks stated that the dreams just seemed to ‘fade away.”

Others added that they “just stopped having them.” One user commented on how he used to be “plagued” with restless sleep, and dreams of being chased, at least two or three times a week for years, until a friend had mentioned that he used to experience similar troubles with sleep until he tried Cannabis offered by his friend. The man told him that he had the first full night of sleep in decades, so he in turn felt that maybe he should see if Cannabis was something that could work for him. Now he claims that in fact it did work and that he would recommend it to any adult suffering from sleep deprivation like he was. He stated to reporters that “there is not many things worse than trying to keep functioning in one’s daily life, going to work all day without getting the required rest that my body needed.” “For me Cannabis has been a real cure for my bad dreams.”

Marijuana, otherwise known as Cannabis is still very much in the early clinical stages of research. Especially for health benefits concerning the plant. This may be the case due to it being a schedule one classified drug according to Federal law enforcement. However since the emergence of medical Marijuana Laws passed in recent years, many pro Cannabis doctors have been hard at work with researchers in an aim to discover more of the plants “miraculous benefits” as some would call them. Washington State along with Colorado has a wealth of research under way by hundreds of professionals seeking to rid the plant of some of the negative stereo types attributed to it in years past.

One manager of a Seattle dispensary told reporters that “right now we have a great amount of empirical evidence collected from decades of use by people all over the world.” He added “and yes some of that evidence shows that it is very possible for Cannabis to be used not only to help better sleep in some individuals, but quite possibly a cure for bad dreams as well.”

By, Aaron Thompson


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One Response to "Cannabis Cure for Bad Dreams?"

  1. Nik   February 24, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    “One manager of a Seattle dispensary told reporters that “right now we have a great amount of empirical evidence collected from decades of use by people all over the world.”

    I should point out that the evidence the unnamed manager is referring to is unlikely to be ’empirical’ – that is, peer-reviewed hard data collected under clinical conditions to ensure accuracy, non-bias etc., What s/he’s probably talking about is ‘anecdotal’ evidence – stories told by people, like the accounts mentioned in the article. For all that, the anecdotal evidence is still interesting and suggests cannabis merits a closer clinical look.

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