Cannabis Munchies Make Sales

Cannabis Munchies Make Sales

An interesting sight in front of the Green Cross medical centre of San Francisco was observed this past Monday, as 13-year-old Danielle Lei (a girl scout and future entrepreneurial genius) set up shop to peddle her delicious cookies to some hungry clients. Selling a a total of over 100 boxes of her Tagalongs and Dulce de Leches, the young Lei’s profound business tactics proved to be beyond cunning, as the sales were all made within the timeframe of two hours. A matter of location and strategic clientele, Danielle Lei managed to prey on the cannabis users’ case of munchies, making great sales in the process.

Teaming up with her mother Carol, who no doubt insisted on being present while her young daughter sold cookies to drug users, Danielle Lei’s sales expedition to the San Francisco marijuana clinic was not the first time she’s sold to cannabis users on a large scale, although it was her first time visiting the The Green Cross. Selling 117 boxes outside the marijuana clinic in two hours was, according to Carol Lei, more productive than selling outside of a small local Safeway the very next day; not surprisingly showing that marijuana users with the munchies are hungrier for cookies than your average grocery shopper.

Believing in exposing her daughters to a variety of environments for educational purposes, and gaining a few cool points along the way, Carol’s unique parenting methods are not only teaching her daughters the value of strategic marketing, but also clever instructing them on the use of marijuana in a risk-free manner. Proving that not all parents have to be stuffy about rules and restrictions while also taking education into her own hands, Carol’s methods may be deemed irresponsible by some, but her methods are nothing short of fruitful to say the least, earning her daughters a bit of extra cash and Girl Scout honour.

Asking permission before setting up their sales booth, Danielle Lei and her mother had called The Green Cross, which was more than willing to allow the girls free reign of sales for the two hours they needed, allowing their establishment to take on an environment of education and marketing. Interestingly, the idea of catering to the munchies of cannabis users seems to be unique to Carol and her daughters, at least as far as both girls’ Girl Scout troupes go. The marketing and communications director of the Girl Scouts of Northern California, Dana Allen, has shown her approval of the entrepreneurial tactics of the Lei family, stating that so long as the girls are selling cookies in a safe environment as a legitimate business, there is absolutely no problem with their methods.

Welcomed back to their prized sales location this weekend by the Green Cross, Lei and her mother will return to once again return to making cookie sales to cannabis users with the munchies. As far as unorthodox parenting methods and their results go, Carol’s unique take on parental education is hard to argue with, and there’s no telling what heights her girls will travel to under her tutelage.

By Christopher White


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