Kim Kardashian Hands Kanye the Reins

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is more and more handing over the reins of management for her career and personal life to her fiancé, Kanye West. The world’s abuzz with talk of feuding between Kanye West and Kris Jenner over control of Jenner’s daughter, Kim Kardashian’s career. West and Kardashian have been living under the Jenner roof with their nearly one-year-old daughter, North, while their own home is under construction.

The conflict centers around West’s desire to take his fiancée’s career “to the next level.” Towards this end, he is working to limit her exposure and has dramatically reduced her media appearances and magazine spreads.

Kardashian’s mother, known widely as the “momager,” has long pursued of policy of saying yes to every publicity opportunity offered to her and her daughters. However, inside sources have reported that Kim Kardashian is handing over the reins to wheeler-dealer Kanye West, which has elbowed Jenner out of the picture, as he takes complete control of Kardashian’s career.

West has advised Kardashian to run out the clock on some endorsement projects, including a lucrative contract with Sears that is shared among the Kardashian sisters. However, he is helping her set up a new line of very affordable baby clothes under the brand name Kardashian Kids, which is scheduled to launch in March.

Other commercial projects in the pipeline for Kardashian include endorsements for a variety of business enterprises, including a cosmetics line, sunglasses and fragrances, clothing lines for Sears and Lipsy – and last but certainly not least, the Kardashian family’s Dash boutique chain stores.

Some reports compare West’s management of Kim Kardashian to his own revamp, when he made the move from music producer to rap performer. West is said to be handling every minute detail and aspect of the Kim Kardashian brand, including the couple’s upcoming royal style nuptials.

Kim Kardashian
Château d’Ussé Castle

Much has been made of West’s declaration that they are royalty, and his plan for the couple to wear crowns for the ceremony. Their nearly one-year-old daughter, North, will be walking her mother down the aisle, wearing custom made diamond studded baby shoes — thus lending a new meaning to the term “twinkle toes.”

The couple is planning a summer wedding in France. They have been meeting with chefs in Paris, and it is said the menu will be designed to please everyone. It will be a lavish eight-course dinner, including duck, scallops and filet mignon — heavy on the protein to conform to the low-carb diet that has helped Kardashian lose over 50 pounds of baby weight. The groom is determined that his guests should feel royally pampered and not have to lift a finger.

Though previous rumors had them considering the Palais de Versailles for the event, more recently Kardashian has been seen touring the Château d’Ussé.
Legend has it that the Château d’Ussé was the castle that fairy tale author Charles Perrault was thinking of when he wrote The Sleeping Beauty.

A castle was first built on the property in the 11th Century, but that incarnation was destroyed. It took another 500 years of being built and rebuilt before finally becoming Aurora’s castle. If Kim and Kanye choose Château d’Ussé as the location for their wedding, they will be renting it from its current owner, Casimir de Blacas d’Aulps the 7th Duke of Blacas.

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make their vows next summer, they will take the reins together, with hopes of a fairy tale future.

By Melissa Roddy

Daily Mail
Reality TV Magazine
Chateau d’Usse

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  1. Jon Clemens   February 22, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    What career? She’s not talented in any way that anyone can see, and she doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t work exactly she just gets filmed for a crappy reality show and makes monthly appearances on the cover of People or some other worthless tabloid. Of course handing her ‘career’ over to Kanye doesn’t mean much I guess if you think about it. Lucky for her since Kanye is such an utter wasteland of talent himself, he would probably bungle it up if there was anything there to bungle up.


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