Cardiovascular Disease – Reason to Be Pumped

Cardiovascular DiseaseWhen the mention of cardiovascular disease reaches the ears of the average citizen, it is usually followed by a swift dismissal of any such condition ever being a part of their life. However, the very existence of such a malady is reason enough to be pumped in an active effort to prevent it. A common teaching that is passed on from the older generations to the present is to always be mindful of how to treat one’s body. Reminders that the young will not always be so, and to live with a similar sentiment in mind. The human body is naturally designed to lose with age, and with that loss comes a higher susceptibility to many different types of ailments that, years ago, the same person considered themselves virtually immune to.

Cardiovascular disease is the classification given to a number of adverse physical conditions that relate directly to the heart, and have the potential to also involve the surrounding arteries, capillaries, and veins. These diseases negatively impact the cardiovascular system, and primarily present with excessive buildup of cellular waste and other fatty substances in the inner lining of an artery. These accumulations, called plaque, can partially or completely hinder blood flow, and cause both heart attacks, and strokes. This condition is formally known as atherosclerosis, and, along with high blood pressure, is the most common factor attributed of heart disease.

The heart is a hollow muscle within the circulatory system that serves as the organ responsible for pumping blood. This pump is vital to the life of every human being, which alone is enough of a reason to practice vigilance against cardiovascular disease The function of a healthy heart consist of strong and consistent rhythmic contractions that drive blood to all of the necessary avenues of the human body. When the heart is unable to perform this essential directive with optimal efficiency, the entire body suffers as a result. The onset of symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, and other physical and mental impairments can be the sign of a deficiency within the heart’s operating functionality.

Due to both the diverse causes and the lethality of its effects, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality across the world. Since the 1970s, the rate of these deaths has been quickly increasing in both low and middle-income nations. Conversely, the mortality rate in high income countries has seen a steady decline since that time. There are many factors that can work towards eliminating the onset of cardiovascular disease, many of which are precautionary measures that should be practiced with consistency from as early a point in life as possible.

With such devastating alternatives, it is easy to see the reasons to be pumped in an active prevention of cardiovascular disease. Responsible eating habits, regular exercise, and abstinence from high-risk products such as tobacco can help to establish a firm foundation in the fight against the symptoms of atherosclerosis. Keeping body fat levels in check, denying excess alcohol and sugar consumption, as well as avoiding contributors of psychological stress can also work in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure the longevity of one’s health, even in early age, where health risks are still a threat to a positive life.

By Darrell Purcell

News Medical

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