Paul Walker’s Will May Cause Custody Battle

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Paul Walker has willed his entire estate to his daughter but this may now cause a custody battle for her. In his final will and testament, the actor left his fortune estimated at $25 million to his 15-year old daughter Meadow Rain Walker. The will which was filed in Santa Barbara on January 28 specifies that the actor’s father Paul Walker III will be the executor of the estate and makes his mother his daughter’s guardian until she is legally an adult.

Paul Walker’s will was created and signed in 2001 when he first starred in the film Fast & Furious. That franchise will continue to generate money for the actor. The actor’s estate is expected to bring in at least another $8 million, some of which will come from the seventh Fast & Furious film that is to be released in April 2015. The movie was half completed at the time of Walker’s untimely demise. Universal Pictures has said that while Paul Walker will remain in the film, they have not worked out how they will incorporate the existing footage into the rest of the movie. Walker also has about $8 million worth of personal property and a house worth about $10 million, according to court records.

According to the entertainment website TMZ who have obtained a copy of the will, the filing gives Paul Walker’s father the right to sell or invest his estate as best required. On the other hand, his mother Cheryl Ann Walker has been named as Meadow’s legal guardian until she becomes 18. Complicating things even more is the fact that Meadow currently lives in Hawaii, with her mother Rebecca Soteros, who is Walker’s ex-girlfriend and therefore does not need another legal guardian. There are concerns that an estate hearing regarding Paul Walker’s will be scheduled for the 20th of February in the Santa Barbara Superior Court will spark a custody battle between Meadow’s mother and grandmother.

TMZ states that in order to fulfill the conditions of his late son’s will, Paul Walker Sr. has put in a petition in the court for Cheryl to be made Meadow’s legal guardian. Paul Walker may have made his mother Meadow’s personal and financial guardian because at the time of his death she was living with him full time. However, since his sudden death, she now lives with her own mother Ms. Soteros. To fulfill the condition of Paul Walker’s will and prevent cause for a custody battle, Ms. Soteros will have to hand over legal guardianship of her daughter to Walker’s mother.Walker died on November 20 in a car crash in LA. He was riding in a Porsche that was driven by Roger Rodas. The vehicle smashed into a street light and a tree and then exploded in flames. The coroner’s report that followed the horrific accident could identify no mechanical failure with the car that could have caused the crash. Paul Walker’s death left his fans reeling in shocked disbelief and is still among the most talked about topics in social media and entertainment circles.

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2 Responses to "Paul Walker’s Will May Cause Custody Battle"

  1. Tracy   February 5, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    Meadow is old enough to decide where she wants to live, and the money/estate situation should be left the way Paul set it up. How ever it should be put into a trust that she gets so much at a time. And then a lump some at 25. By then her life should be on the right path of knowing what she wants. This way she don’t blow all the money her father left her. Granite no amount of money is going to bring Paul back. She has all the wonderful memories hes left her with and the ones her family has yet to tell her about her awesome dad. I lost a parent at 15 as well. She has a very long road ahead and hopefully theres no major battles with out anyone asking her what she wants.

  2. Ginger567   February 5, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    Maybe she will be financial guardian. To insure Meadow, not her mother , gets the full amount.


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