Catholic Group to Boycott Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

The American Life League has had enough of the Girl Scouts’ stance on abortion. This past Thursday, America’s oldest Catholic pro-life education and advocacy organization demanded that action be taken against the GSUSA. The Catholic group have called for a national boycott on all Girl Scout cookies in order to cut funding to their pro-choice agenda. The American Life League has posted a new website dedicated to “CookieCott 2014”, outlining and explaining their reasoning for the ban.

Near the end of December, Girl Scouts USA’s official Twitter account posted a link to a story about powerful women that should be considered for 2013’s woman of the year. In the discussion, pro-abortion politician Wendy Davis was brought up as one of the candidates. The American Life League has taken the post to be an endorsement of the politician and her views. Davis made headlines this past year with her eleven-hour filibuster to temporarily block an abortion restriction bill in Texas. Youth activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai along with Beyonce were also mentioned in the posted story. The Girl Scouts’ Twitter account had simply asked their followers if there was anyone else they would consider adding onto the list.

In 2004, CEO of GSUSA Kathy Cloning announced that the group does partner with Planned Parenthood in order to bring information-based sex education programs to the girls. At a United Nations workshop in 2011, the GSUSA distributed the Planned Parenthood educational pamphlet “Happy, Healthy, and Hot”. The pamphlet aimed to teach the girls the best way to protect themselves while engaging in sexual activities. The cookie boycotting Catholic group have called the contraceptive mentality as sex without conscience or consequence. The Girls Scouts USA have repeatedly insisted that they do not have any stance on either birth control or abortion and believe that these topics should ultimately be discussed between the girls and their parents.

The “CookieCott” movement is being led by the director of pro-life Waco, John Pisciotta, in the state of Texas. The movement also seems to be gathering quite a bit of steam as other anti-abortion groups join in the protest. Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance stated that the GSUSA organization has been sliding further off track with each passing year. Nance added that the Girl Scouts now seem more interested in pushing the so-called women’s rights agenda than embracing the Judeo-Christian values like they once did. Concerned Women for America member Janice Shaw Crouse noted a major problem they have with the Girl Scouts is that they focus of self-discovery and protection rather than sexual abstinence. The group also takes issue with how the Girls Scouts have incorporated stone labyrinths, yoga, Zen gardens, and the burning of incenses along with the inclusion of important lesbian role models into their teachings.

The “CookieCott 2014” movement is intended to inform the GSUSA that there are more wholesome ways of spending the cookie earnings. The Catholic group calling for the cookie boycott urges all of America to not just stop buying, but to also voice exactly why they will no longer purchase tasty Thin Mints from the little girls.

By Benjamin Murray


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  1. In order not to be a bully to a little girl , I gave a copy of the fluer from COokiecott explaining why I cannot endorse the leftist politics of the Girl Scouts Administration AND i gave the girl a $5 check to be used for the TROOP NOT the GSA.

  2. I support the Girls Scouts of America. The girls learn some important skills in life. I will be buying cookies, same as last year and will again next year. I will not be swayed by idiots who want to control other people.

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