CeeLo Green Leaves The Voice

CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green announced that he won’t be returning to The Voice during his latest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Further, he says he will be missing the show, but there will still be other projects so this is just a change of venues for Green, who claims he won’t go quietly into the night.

Green claims he will keep building his relationship with NBC. He says he has a development deal for a television show, and later in the year, hopefully some other talk show opportunities, yet he insists he will miss The Voice. According to his official statement on his website, an additional detail specifies a music show.

Among those potential ventures at NBC, Green opened up about several other plans in the works. Among those, he states he’s almost done with a new album, which will be his first since 2010. It doesn’t stop there, however, since he will also be joining Lionel Richie on his “All the Hits All Night Long” tour, that as of last year, was Richie’s first North American tour in over a decade. Richie appeared on Ellen’s show along with Green where they broke the news. So to some it might seem like CeeLo will be making the grass grow green after leaving The Voice.

Like multiple award-winning Richie, Green has an extensive career. A native of Georgia, while Richie hails from Alabama, Green entered the music circuit with the hip hop group Goodie Mob, of which he was an original member. The group was further a member of the Dungeon Family, an Atlanta rap collective, which also included OutKast. After a few years with the group, Green left and went solo.

His first solo album with Arista, CeeLo Green and His Perfect Imperfections, was released in 2002, but due to insufficient success in sales, Arista broke the contract after only 2 albums. He then teamed up with Danger Mouse and became the other half of the duet Gnarls Barkley, releasing two albums with that project before again releasing a solo material in 2010. After a partial leak, He released the first single F**k You onto YouTube, ahead of schedule and it became an instant viral hit. This paved the way for today.

Many fans might accordingly be craving for more CeeLo Green content, as he’s been preoccupied with The Voice, and touring with Richie will perhaps serve some of that, and maybe leave him enough time to complete his next album. Some might be speculate whether this partnership will create a whole new voice will within music where the old meets new in a clash of funk, soul, R’N’B and Hip Hop, and whether this would launch a whole new wave of Richie’s era making a comeback among the young generation of today.

Whoever will sweep the leaves in the fall and take the empty red chair on The Voice in the absence of CeeLo Green, may be considered by some to have a tough task at hand, whether green or experienced, as CeeLo may have left the show, but not the scene.

By Halldor Fannar Sigurgeirsson

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