CeeLo Green The Voice Loses a Voice


America’s hit reality show The Voice just lost one of its many voices when singer-songwriter CeeLo Green announced that he would no longer be returning to the show. Fans who have seen Green on the coaches chair from season 1 would be devastated by the news but Green feels it is time to venture into other projects.

The Voice is the American adaptation of Holland’s The Voice of Holland and Green has been part of the show from the very beginning. He was part of the original panel of judges announced for the first season of The Voice. The panel also included names such as Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Although he and Aguilera went on a hiatus for a season being replaced by Shakira and Usher, he remains one of the fan favorites. It seems like fans will no longer be seeing his face when the chairs turn.

Green was not secretive about the reasons behind his decision to leave and stated that he was only human and that he had other ambitions as well. He wanted to concentrate on projects that required his undivided attention. Unfortunately for fans of the show, the sixth season of The Voice is not part of that list. Green did go on to say that he would continue his relationship with NBC and possibly consider new ventures with them. He said that The Voice has been an enjoyable and cherishable experience for him and that it would always have a place in his heart. He hopes that he has played his part in reaching the fans, the contestants and everyone associated with the show by being part of it.

He did have some good news to cheers his fans up by assuring them that a lot can be expected. Great music and entertainment can be expected of him which just might be the solace his grieving fans need. Among these said plans a tour with Lionel Richie is also planned starting from May all the way till August. The Voice, according to many, has not only lost its voice but has lost part of its charm as CeeLo Green bids the show goodbye.

Paul Telegdy president of the alternative and later programming department of NBC said that Green had an important role in helping the show reach new levels of success. He added that Green’s contribution are appreciated and the channel will be looking forward to collaborating with him on other projects. Fans also expressed their sorrow and took it to social networking sites to talk about how they felt about Green’s decision.

What everyone is wondering now is who will fill the space left by Green. Everyone will be curious to know if the channel will bring in Shakira or Usher to fill empty seat or will fans be seeing a new face among old ones. How will losing one of its original voice  effect The Voice is still any one’s guess but for many of the followers of the show, with Green gone the show might no longer be the same.

By Hammad Ali