Maersk Alabama Ship Headlines Tragic End for Former Navy SEALS

Maersk Alabama

The Maersk Alabama Ship is in the headlines again as two former Navy SEALS were found dead on Tuesday in a cabin aboard the vessel. Police from the Seychelles confirmed that two Americans are dead from the Maersk Alabama container ship in the Indian Ocean. The vessel, which is Captain Phillips ship in the movie of the same name was in Port Victoria. Seychelle police reported the finding and have now identified the bodies.

The men are security officers, Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, ages 44, and both previously Navy SEALS. The cause of death has not yet been determined and their boss, the president of the Trident Group, Tom Rothrauff, is clueless as far as giving a cause to what may have happened.

Maersk AlabamaA statement was given by Kevin Spears, a senior official and relayed the men, under contract, boarded the ship January 29, and so far the deaths are “not related to vessel operations or their duties as security personnel.” Security is essential in anti-piracy operations, especially off the coast of east Africa. The Maersk Alabama is consistently at high risk, due to the location in which it performs its cargo operations.

The United States Coast Guard was notified of the deaths and will investigate. The Maersk Alabama runs with an American flag so the Coast Guard will investigate as the office in Washington was notified. The Maersk Alabama once again headlines the news, now with a tragic end for two former Navy SEALS. The vessel had arrived on Sunday along with its crew of 24 men and should have departed on Tuesday. The men were found around 4:30 on Tuesday, the police from the Seychelles said.

This Maersk Alabama vessel has seen its fair share of turbulence, when in 2009, it became the object of attempted hijacking by pirates, armed off of Somalias coast. They attempted to take the container-ship but the Captain Phillips crew fought back. He was held hostage on a lifeboat and didn’t end until the Navy took out three of the pirates and rescued Captain Phillips along with a fourth pirate. This story inspired the movie, which starred Tom Hanks.

But that would not be the end of turmoil for this now famous ship; later in 2009 pirates again attacked. This time armed security won out. Further attempts again in 2011 were stopped by warning shots fired from the Maersk Alabama.

The Virginia based Trident Group employed the men and were contracted with them to provide security in this sea of turbulence off the coast of Africa.

KENYA PIRACYMilitary personnel, no longer with the forces, often provide security on vessels to prevent pirate attacks in these troubled waters. Trident Security’s founder is a former Navy SEAL and started the company in 2000. He employs special warfare personnel, who are no longer employed by the United Sates government, such as Navy SEALS.

The Maersk Alabama from Norfolk, Virginia provides East Africa with aid. Their cargo contains food in the “Food for Peace,” a program which is part of the United States government.

There is a pending lawsuit filed by crew members in 2012, against the Maersk Line Ltd, for physical and emotional problems stemming from the Somalian pirate invasion.The Maersk Line relates that this present investigation on board the Maersk Alabama is underway, but insists this tragic end for the former Navy SEALS is not related to security duties in the Indian Ocean.

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