Charlie Sheen Engagement History Predicts Unhappy End for Brett Rossi

 Charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen announced his engagement to former porn star Brett Rossi, but if his engagement and marriage history is any indication, it may be an unhappy end for Rossi. This will be his fourth marriage since 1995.

Originally, Sheen announced his intention to marry model Donna Peele while giving his testimony during Heidi Fleiss’ trial, when he admitted to ordering dozens of call girls from Fleiss. They ended up marrying in Sept. 1995, but a year later they were divorced. It started with him saying that Peele was “an angel sent from heaven,” that was supposed to guide him through the remainder of his life. Following the divorce, he likened Peele to a bad car that had broken down.

Sheen’s next marriage was to Denise Richards in 2002. He said he was surprised when she filed for divorce after two years while still pregnant with their second daughter. The divorce and custody battles that ensued were vicious. Richards accused him of drug and gambling addictions. She also said that he spent time with prostitutes and neglected their daughters. He verbally attacked Richards during this time, accusing her of being a bad mother as well.

Charlie Sheen’s engagement and marriage history goes on to predict an unhappy end for Brett Rossi. He married his third wife, Brooke Mueller in 2008. They also had a turbulent relationship which ended in 2011. This included a situation on Christmas Day where Mueller accused him of holding a knife to her neck. Again, he entered into a nasty custody battle over the couple’s twin boys. Richards even offered to step in and take care of the boys during this time. Both of the battling parents have fought against substance abuse issues.

In addition to the other marriages, he has had a failed engagement to Kelly Preston back in 1990. After proposing to Preston in 1989, Sheen was carrying a gun because he believed there were lurkers around. He had the pistol in his pants and said that he then forgot about it. He alleges that the gun went off, injuring Preston, while she was moving the pants. Back in 1990, Preston said that he actually had accidentally shot her. Preston called off the engagement shortly after the accidental shooting.

Now it is Rossi’s turn, and she seems to be ignoring all the signs. But according to Rossi, who confirmed the engagement, the two are soul mates. Sheen proposed to Rossi after flying her to Hawaii on a private jet. Rossi said that she was surprised when he dropped to one knee, like a real gentleman, after they watched the sunrise yesterday morning. She reports that the ring is classic and beautiful. She states also that the engagement was “the happiest moment of both of their lives.” The pair originally went public with their relationship back in November.

Is four the magic number? Each of the actor’s marriages have lasted a year longer than the last, so perhaps there is potential for a four-year marriage, at least. However, if Charlie Sheen’s engagement and marriage history is any indication, the prediction appears to be that at some point it will be an unhappy end for former adult star Brett Rossi.

By Rebecca Hofland

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