Charlie Sheen May Be in Oz but Still Wants a Prenup

Charlie Sheen May Be in Oz but Still Wants a Prenup
Charlie Sheen may have gone down the rabbit hole, he may be in Oz and not in Kansas anymore, but at least this time he plans to have a prenup before he marries his next wife, porn star Brett Rossi. If he does get Rossi to sign one, perhaps he will be a little bit more able to control his anger management issues.

An inside source who knows Charlie Sheen has stated that Sheen will be wanting his wife-to-be, Brett Rossi, to sign a prenup before he ties the knot and gets married for the fourth time.

It’s hard to blame Sheen for wanting Rossi to sign the prenup, as his last two marriages — to Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards — have ended in very messy divorces, to say the least. The third time wasn’t the charm, but just maybe the Anger Management star will find happiness the fourth time around.

Charlie Sheen made his engagement to Brett Rossi official this past Valentine’s Day, after it had earlier been rumored that Sheen had given Rossi a ring while they were vacationing together in Sweden in January.

It’s reported that supposedly, Charlie Sheen will be a bit more generous with the terms of the prenup than he was with his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. This has led some media sources to speculate that if he is more generous, it might backfire on him, but having any prenup has to be better, in his case, than not having one at all.

Especially so, when after having had three wives already, Charlie Sheen still has an estimate worth of $125 million US dollars. He claims that having a financial contract likely isn’t really necessary, and is a formality, as he considers Brett Rossi to be his “soul mate;” but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“This time,” according to a source, Charlie Sheen thinks “it’s different.”

The source added that Charlie will probably pay for Rossi’s legal fees as they work through the details of the prenup. The source said Sheen “doesn’t think that Rossi is after his money.” That may be true, but money has a way of changing people.

Charlie Sheen’s first wife was Donna Peele. He married her in 1995, but that marriage only lasted a year before they split up.

He didn’t have a prenup with his second wife, Denise Richards, even though he was advised to have one. However, he does pay child support for the two daughters they had together, Lola, 8, and Sam, 9, to the tune of $55,000.

The third wife of Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller — the mother of their twin sons Max and Bob, who are four years old — got $500,000 in 2008 when they were married and for each year they stayed married, she received an additional $300,000. For her share in Charlie Sheen’s Beverly Hills mansion, she also was provided with $2.35 million.

Charlie Sheen may be off his non-prescription meds — if so, good for him — but, he hasn’t gotten over his penchant for beautiful women. Can a man find lasting happiness with an ex-porn star? Time will tell, but for now, anyway, Charlie Sheen appears to be doing just fine in whatever version of Wonderland or Oz he’s landed in.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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