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Tobacco companies are back in the headlines once again for jumping on board the “e-train”; that is to say, the bandwagon of electronic cigarettes! Many people have heard of them, some have tried them, and everybody is talking about this new phenomena of the smokeless vapor stogie that some users say looks and feels just like the real thing. This may have, at first glance, appeared to be a threat to the Big Tobacco top dogs, but according to sources it did not take long for them to figure out that e-cigarettes would not only allow them to make all of the money but they could do it selling absolutely no tobacco whatsoever! Except of course for the winners who never plan to quit smoking the tar-filled sticks, all in raspy unison, claiming winners never quit.

Could it be that folks may be forced to quit at some point, maybe due to possible plans of passing future legislation to ban all combustible cigarettes? Some people claim that a law of this type would not hurt Big Tobacco one single bit. In fact some believe it would benefit the cigarette companies in a way that they would still be selling their customers nicotine, which is the active drug in cigarettes, without having to produce and process any tobacco. In other words e-cigarettes equal more money, and no need for tobacco.

Millions of gallons of vaporizable nicotine juice could be produced, sources say enough for every desiring smoker to fill his e-cigarette again and again! One could imagine if or when this happens to catch on, in a massive way, it could be considered probable that any small e-cigarette companies out there posing a threat would be bought and smothered out in a Microsoft style fashion.

For those folks who do not know what e-cigarettes are, they are imitation of a real cigarette by looks, at least in most circumstances possibly to make it an easy transition for the person who loves to get their daily nicotine delivery, but would not feel comfortable receiving it from something that looked like a pipe of sorts. Although there are some stranger more bulky looking ones out there as can be seen in ads being advertised on the Internet. The cigarette holds a small amount of nicotine infused with usually a vegetable glycerin or polyethylene glycol, which is then vaporized when the liquid is pulled across a battery operated heating element by the user as he or she puffs on it like one would do with a regular cigarette.

According to sales of the e-cigarette, it is evident that they are on the rise, with spikes in sales showing aE cigarette jump of nearly a billion dollars between 2012 and 2013 from 500 million to 1.5 billion and although as of now they only account for a small portion of Big Tobacco’s annual profits. The new craze for e-cigarettes is expected by economists to gain more ground in coming years, many if not all, expect a lot of money to be made, and missing out on it, sources say, seems to be no concern for big tobacco!

By Aaron Thompson


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