Charlie Sheen’s Fiancee Brett Rossi: Things to Know

Charlie SheenNow that Charlie Sheen is set to marry fiancee Brett Rossi, there are a few things his fans will want to know about her. This may help to understand more about the conflict with his ex-wives, especially Denise Richards, and find out just what is so different about this girl to make the Anger Management actor consider walking down the aisle for the fourth time.

1. She Does Not Like Being Called an Adult Movie Star

Despite filming various adult movies, the 24-year-old does not want to be referred to as an adult movie star. She is trying to leave that life behind her to become a nurse. She isn’t a porn star any longer and decided to quit the industry in 2013.

The porn movies were her way of paying her way through nursing school, and she quit once she could. She even tweeted the Daily Mail to make her opinions clear and told the paper to get its facts straight.

2. She’s Half Her Future Husband’s Age

The former porn star is just 24-years-old. That’s half of Sheen’s age, who is now 48. Rossi often shows her true age through her tweets and comments, which have including tweeting about Toys R Us and sharing her classes and school scheduling.

It is possible the age that will play to her advantage. She will make the former Two and a Half Men star feel young at heart. While this is not one of the most important things to know about Rossi, Sheen’s new fiancee, it leads to the next fact.

3. Rossi Will Need to Sign a Prenup

The 48-year-old actor is not taking any chances. He wants a prenup before he walks down the aisle. However, one source has claimed that he will be more generous than he was with his previous wife, Brooke Meuller. Mueller ended up with $3.5 million after their two-year marriage ended in divorce. It is a sign that while he is not completely sure about the actress-turned-nurse, he is a little more settled that this time will work out.

However, Sheen does not think that this is something he needs. According to both, they are each other’s soul mates. The prenup will be there to protect the multimillion fortune he has built over the years. He will pay for the legal fees for drawing up this agreement. One good sign for the actor is that Rossi has continued with her nursing plans since their relationship went public in November 2013.

4. She’s Her Future Husband’s Biggest Supporter

Rossi is one of the biggest supporters of the 48-year-old. Most of his tweets are retweeted by her and she regularly comments or tags him into something. She also sends him gifts before any appearances that he makes, such as when he appeared on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show for the 22 time.

Has the Anger Management star finally found his soul mate? Will this just be another marriage that ends in divorce for him? Only time will tell, but knowing a few more things about Rossi, Sheen’s new fiancee, will help his fans come to some sort of conclusion.

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