Climate Change Proponents Hard to Take Seriously

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It sure is hard to take climate change proponents seriously when they come up with schemes like the latest proposal in the state of Washington. It seems Washington State Representative Ed Orcutt (R – Kalama) has actually claimed that bicycling is bad for the environment and wants to place a $25 fee on every bike sold in the state. His reasoning is riding bikes causes greater air pollution than riding in a car because the cyclist emits more of that evil CO2 from exercising. Since CO2 is considered a greenhouse gas, it is a pollutant and must be stopped. He made this comment in an email to a Tacoma bike shop owner.

Isn’t this just a little bit hypocritical, after all haven’t the alarmists been trying to force people to stop driving cars by taxing fossil fuels and throwing all kinds of taxpayer money at electric cars and alternative fuels? Aren’t these the same people who have been the greatest advocates for installing taxpayer funded bike paths as an alternative means to commute back and forth from work in order to decrease CO2 emissions?

True Orcutt has since apologized for his remarks claiming he was just trying to make a point that bicyclists do not have a “zero-carbon footprint”, but the original comment shows the true reason behind what they truly want and what they are really thinking. It is not about the climate, it is all about the money.

In his email Orcutt said it wasn’t fair that people driving cars are paying all the taxes for roads through gas taxes and cyclists should pay their fair share, after all think of all the wear and tear bicycles cause to the pavement. It’s a crime. The Washington tax would raise an estimated $1 million in revenue for the state, which of course would go only to improving roads and certainly wouldn’t be used for anything else. Right? Whether global warming is real or not makes no difference to the left, they only want more of the taxpayer’s money.

The alarmists continue to warn of the dangers of a changing climate even though the evidence continues to mount against global warming. The polar ice caps are not melting, polar bears and not becoming extinct, and the minimum rise in CO2 gas has not had any effect on rising temperatures. Yet the Al Gores and the Barack Obamas of the world continue to insist there is a crisis of epic proportions. They fail to see the real costs “green energy” is having on the planet, but they still want to be taken seriously when it comes to climate change.

A recent article in Reuters stated that big industry in Germany will be forced to leave the country if there is no relief from the addition financial burdens placed on them by various carbon initiatives. Scientific American has written about the demand for metals needed in the green technology pointing out the mining of these actually produce more CO2 emissions than the energy sources they are replacing. The disposal of CFL’s (the miracle light bulbs force fed on the world) is hazardous to the environment and even warrants regulation by the EPA on their proper disposal.

Al Gore is still out there espousing his “End of the World” scenarios while continuing to make millions of dollars from his green energy investments. Barack Obama and his political colleagues like Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick keep spending taxpayer money on companies that take the money and run to foreign countries or fail completely costing billions. And the mainstream media continue to fall for the myth.

What is next – a tax on running shoes because runners also emit more CO2? How about a tax on cows, after all don’t cows emit CO2 when they pass gas? And the climate change proponents want people to take them seriously?

Commentary by: Paul Roy


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