Conspiracy Theorist Provides Strangest Super Bowl Moment (Video)

Conspiracy Theorist Provides Strangest Super Bowl Moment (Video)

A conspiracy theorist ended up providing what was probably the strangest moment of Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday night. It happened when MVP Malcolm Smith was giving his postgame press conference. While he was taking questions from the media, he was suddenly interrupted by the conspiracy nut who exclaimed that the United States was the ones responsible for 9/11. The man has been identified and also taken into custody.

Matthew Mills, age 30, from Brooklyn, New York was arrested and charged with trespassing. Mills was wearing something around his neck, which appeared to be a type of credential, when he took over the microphone. Smith was obviously startled by the experience, especially as the man shouted out about investigating 9/11. He yelled that 9/11 was executed by people inside the American government. A video of him doing his spiel is below:

The 9/11 truther, as he calls himself, was somehow able to sneak into the media room when the Super Bowl was over on Sunday night. But how he was able to get in is the major question? On Monday, Mills himself stated that he was able to go past a number of security barriers at MetLife Stadium by lying to employees. He told them he was late for work. He explained that he said he was running late for work and I had to get inside, that it was that simple. He did not believe he would get as far as he did but he just kept moving closer and closer. He added that once he was past the last gate and had gotten into the stadium itself, he was totally dumbfounded.

Mills calls himself an independent journalist, and explained that his original idea was only to get near enough to the stadium in order to be able to hold some interviews with people that were going inside. He says that when he noticed an employee bus at one of the outside junctions, he quickly decided to try and get on it. He proceeded to walk right on by having some sort of old credential which he had discovered at a festival. He said that it looked fairly similar to the media badges they were using at Super Bowl XLVIII. However the security staff is supposed to run all barcodes on media members badges, but Mills again used the running late excuse and said it continued to work. He did not have a ticket for the game nor did he have any type of actual press pass in his possession.

It is very lucky that Mills ended up being only a 9/11 truther and not a person that intended to do a lot of harm. His actions might even have done the NFL a favor. It is definite that they need to tighten up on the security they have in place. For any future events, that has to be even much better than it was on Sunday evening. If someone had wanted to do some real damage, it could have been a real tragedy that people would have been discussing about on Monday morning.

Regardless, the conspiracy theorist has ended up giving what was probably the strangest moment of Super Bowl XLVIII.

By Kimberly Ruble


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