Craigslist Killer Miranda Barbour Blames Cult for Killing Since Age 13

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There is now another Craigslist killer: the unlikely 19-year-old teen mom, Miranda Barbour, who claims she has been killing since age 13, blaming a satanic cult. She claims that she has slain 22 people in addition to the man she met through Craigslist with her husband and then murdered. Miranda Barbour and husband of three weeks, Elytte Barbour of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, were charged with murdering 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara after enticing him with “companionship for money” on Craigslist. LaFerrara was stabbed 20 times after he got into Miranda Balbour’s car. According to the report, Elytte Barbour sat in the trunk area of the red Honda CRV and waited for the signal to start strangling LaFerrara with a cord while Miranda Barbour stabbed the victim. They allegedly left his body in an alley.

Miranda Barbour wants to plead guilty in the slaying of LaFerrara, and has admitted to killing an additional 22 people in the last six years because of her participation in a satanic cult. She said that she has killed people in Alaska, Texas, California and North Carolina. Miranda Barbour also has an 18-month-old child, the biological father of whom is said to be dead. Steve Mazzeo, Sunbury police chief, said that the circumstances surrounding the death of the biological father might also be investigated.

Mazzeo has talked with many authorities in other states about some of these “Craigslist killer” claims and is “seriously concerned.” Miranda Barbour said that she was a victim of abuse as a child and that she grew up in a cult where she initially came into contact with murder as a 13-year-old. According to Barbour, the leader of the cult took her out with a gun to kill a man who owed him money. She said they pulled the trigger together. Balfour said that since this moment at age 13, she has been killing and blames the cult for this. Now, she claims killing 22 more people. This is not the first time that alleged deviant behavior has been reported in relation to a cult.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Miranda Barbour and 22-year-old husband, Elytte Barbour. Miranda, who is only five feet tall, said that it was time to come clean about the murders. She expressed a desire to stay in jail because she said she would continue to murder people if she was released.

Both Barbours have tried to defend the other in the case. Miranda Barbour said she killed LaFerrara by herself because he put his hands around her neck and tried to touch her sexually. She said she then drove alone to the store to get cleaning supplies for the blood, and after cleaning, picked up Elytte Barbour and went to a strip club for his birthday. According to police, video surveillance shows Elytte getting out of the car and going into the store to purchase the cleaning supplies. Elytte said that Miranda is not a “cold killer.”

Elytte Barbour said that they had tried to kill before, but it just had not worked out. Police said that murdering someone, as a couple, was an aspiration the two shared and executed in the killing of LaFerrara. Now, Craigslist killer and teen mom, Miranda Barbour, blames the satanic cult for  allegedly killing an additional 22 people since age 13 . Mazzeo said that he and the police are taking the claims very seriously.

By Rebecca Hofland

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