Dancing With the Stars Eliminates Co-host Brooke Burke-Chavet


Dancing With the Stars Eliminates Co-host Brooke Burke-Chavet
Brooke Burke-Chavet is the first shocking elimination of the new eighteenth season of Dancing With the Stars (DTWS), even though the season won’t begin until March 17 (ABC).

Though Burke-Chavet has co-hosted Dancing With the Stars for seven seasons, she will not be coming back for an eighth one.

Burke-Chavet said that she understands the “need for change” and said that she planned to pursue certain opportunities which she hadn’t been able to previously because of “contractual obligations” to Dancing With the Stars. Perhaps she thought it was best to look at the whole situation optimistically, but she was miffed enough to then say that the “shocking elimination” that she was facing “takes the cake.”

The news that ABC was considering eliminating her as the co-host of Dancing With the Stars was something which Burke-Chavet, the winner of the show’s seventh season, had no idea was being contemplated by the network bosses. She didn’t learn about their decision until Friday afternoon.

In a separate statement, the executive producer of Dancing With the Stars, Conrad Green, confirmed “that Brooke Burke-Charvet will not be joining us next season.”

Green thanked Burke-Chavet for what he termed “her years of great service,” and he called her “a wonderful part of the Dancing with the Stars family.”

When Burke-Chavet won the seventh season of Dancing With the Stars, Derek Hough was her professional dance partner. When she became a co-host of the show, she replaced Samantha Harris, who had been the co-host in Season 10.

Burke-Chavet was the second change made in personnel at Dancing With the Stars this month. Earlier in February, a press release by the show indicated that music director and composer Ray Chow would be replacing current band director Harry Wheeler and his orchestra of 28 musicians. Chow will be bringing in a new infusion of live singers and musicians for the 18th season of Dancing With the Stars.

The producers of Dancing With the Stars are trying to lure more younger viewers to watch, while still wanting to keep all of their core audience of older viewers.

Already, one change that Dancing With the Stars made that went into effect last season, namely doing away with their Tuesday Results Show, seemed to be an improvement designed to appeal to a jaded teen audience.

Reportedly, Tom Bergeron will be rejoining the cast. The celebrity dancers who will be competing against each other on Dancing With the Stars won’t be revealed until March.

Brooke-Burke Charvet has been let go as co-host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. If you had the power to replace her with whatever celebrity judge you’d like, who would you chose? Also, who do you think would make for great celebrity dancers for the upcoming season 18’s cast of Dancing With the Stars? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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