Darren Sharper Victims Continue to Grow


Darren Sharper ,38, is racking as many victims off the field as he did on.  The former NFL star has a growing list of allegations in five states.  Is this just the trickling effect of victims gaining courage through other victim confessions.  Or is this opportunist seeking financial justice?  The pending investigations range from March 2011 to January 2013.

Sharper allegedly established this trending MO in Miami with two spring breakers from Georgia.  Both Sharper and his brother Jaimie Sharper, former NFL linebacker, were inside the condo when alleged sexual misconduct took place. The two women allege they fell asleep and one awoke to find a Sharper brother exposing himself. It is unclear which of the Sharper brothers was responsible for the inappropriate behavior. The young women were taken to a rape treatment center whereby, no evidence of sexual trauma was apparent. The case was then closed and no further action was taken.

The “All-Pro” safety was unable to avoid accruing multiple charges concerning two more victims in October 2012.  The former NFL saint met two women at Bootsy Bellows, a night club in West Hollywood.  Sharper allegedly, once back in his hotel room fed the ladies cocktails spiked with morphine and the sleep medicine zolpidem (generic ambien). Allegedly while the women were in a drug induced state Sharper then raped one of the females. Several months later, in January 2014, unvaried actions proceeded with two more women under similar circumstances in the same night club.  Sharper was then charged with two counts of rape by use of drugs, four counts of furnishing a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

Once these allegations were made public, another accuser stepped forward.  This alleged victim and two of her friends met Sharper and another gentleman at a night club.  The five left together and headed to Sharper’s Miami condo.  The “NFL” star reportedly led the victim to a bedroom and closed the door behind them.  The friends relayed that they heard her saying “no, no, stop I don’t want to” and began banging on the door and entered the room to take her home.  The victim is unable to recollect saying anything except for that she wanted to sleep.  The victim later awoke with her pants removed and Sharper having sex with her.  The victim claimed she received an examination a week later.  The incident allegedly took place Sept. 27 or Oct. 4 in 2012.  No explanation has been released to explain why the victim is unsure of the dates.  The victim came forward two days after Sharper was arrested for the other charges.

Darren Sharper’s victims continued to grow as a New Orleans woman documented a case last September.  A rape kit was conducted and Sharper’s DNA was found on the woman.  No charges have been filed at this time.  The “All-Pro” athlete is under investigation in Tempe, FL as well.  Sharper carried on a sexual relationship with a female friend he met in Las Vegas in 2012.  He visited this friend in Scotsdale, FL where she and two other friends went bar hopping with Sharper.  The friend became so intoxicated her friends had to help her into her home.  When questioned by authorities in the hospital she responded with uncertainty that she may have been raped or drugged.  She also explained that she was naked from the waste down.  The accuser also physically felt like she had sex.  One of the other three women claimed to have drank shots prepared by Sharper and felt drugged.  When the woman went to the bathroom she witnessed Sharper having what appeared to be unconsensual sex with the third friend.

This could very well be the trickling effect of victims gaining courage through other victims confessions.  As well as opportunist seeking financial justice.  Regardless of whether the women are NFL head hunters searching for a pay day or victims of a sadistic individual it is up to court justice now.  As Darren Sharper receives more publicity his victims continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Editorial By Ebony Waller

Chicago Tribune
Miami Herald