Miley Cyrus to Critics: Shut Up and Take It!

Miley Cyrus

Look out world, Miley Cyrus has drawn her weapon of choice: sex! Bang, bang, bang goes her gyrating hips while her pasty clad lady bits shimmy and dip! The Bangerz Tour has arrived ladies and gentlemen and not everyone is applauding. In fact, many are ducking for cover. A trove of angry parents are calling for the show’s cancellation because they chose to learn the hard way that it was never meant for kids. What, did they not get the memo? Miley “Twerky Bunz” Cyrus, has made it abundantly clear that she has moved on from her Hannah Montana days and her critics can just shut up and take it as she has zero plans of stopping her Bangerz Tour express to Nastyville.

If anything she has taken the raunchy level up several notches and some are having a really difficult time accepting it. What is mind boggling and confusing about the parental protests is the fact that they saw what Miley was all about back in August of last year at the VMAs in her (unfortunately for some) unforgettable grind fest with Robin Thicke. The fallout was massive, it was like a national coronary had taken place, Even back then Miley was serving notice to her detractors and letting it be known that she is the new raunchy chick on the block and she is here to stay. Whether her haters like it or not, she does have an audience and she still has the attention of a large portion of music fans. So with pet tongue in tow along with her circus macabre, Miley has set off on an international mission to hump and grind her way across the globe.

Famously chided by Sinead O’Connor about her hyper-sexual antics, Miley may seem to be sending the message to her young fans that it is cute and okay to act obscenely, but what they do not realize at such young ages is that sometimes there are scary repercussions to these actions. Perhaps it is all just an act on Miley’s part (remember, she is an actress as well) and she just wants people to think she is a skanky weed toking nut-job, but all the while she is perfectly sane and twerking all the way to the bank. It may be her grand scheme to wring every bit of money and relevancy out of this thing while she still has the youth factor, the spotlight and almost everyone’s attention. Miley Cyrus has shown that she is not afraid to tell her critics to stuff it and to just shut up and take it, much like she has taken their attention.Miley Cyrus

Parents are free to rant and rave and be as outraged as they like, but Miley is big money and the entertainment industry is not going to pass that up. They are selling a product and the policy is, don’t like, then don’t buy, can’t watch, then don’t look. She is nobody’s babysitter and it’s not her responsibility to do the job of a parent. In a nutshell, her message to parents reads some thing like this; “Hannah is dead, let it go…find your kid a new role model to look up to because I am now a glittery sexpot and my mission is an x-rated one, deal!” All hope is not lost though, because although Americas sweetheart has somehow morphed into Americas ambassador of skank, she may still be a kid at heart, whose just playing around in daddy’s porn drawer. Curiously, daddy certainly doesn’t seem to mind very much as he and Miley’s mother were both spotted at her private Anaheim show this week.

If in fact the cancellation clamor gets too loud, Miley just may see ticket sales take a real nosedive in spite of what concert organizers are saying to the contrary. There very well may end up being a few international venues that pull out altogether. Although there is an audience for her particular brand of raunch, those numbers may start to shrink as fans get tired of the same old stankonia and move on to the next noisy shiny thing. So as Miley Cyrus “bangz’ back at her critics, her loyal fans are backing it up with a resounding “Shut up and Take It!”

By Mai Nowlin

Daily News

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  1. innerjuju   February 21, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    Oh, “she is a skanky weed toking nut-job” and as such, none of my children nor my money will go to the trash heap. If enough parents would parent, there wouldn’t have to “call for cancellations”. There wouldn’t be an audience..

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