Jimmy Fallon Scares Letterman Back Into Lenos Arms?

Jimmy Fallon
Everyone knows about the feud between David Letterman and Jay Leno.  It seems that Jimmy Fallon’s super high ratings is forcing Letterman to run back into Leno’s arms just to compete for ratings.

Since Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show, it was always cast in a kind of dark cloud due to all the bad publicity surrounding it.  Letterman was in no way pleased about his then buddy getting the gig over him which started the whole feud.  If anyone remembers, it was all rather childish.  Letterman outing Leno from the proverbial closet and the whole mess ended up becoming an HBO movie, The Night Shift Since then, Letterman and Leno have been battling it out over ratings after Letterman began his own late night talk show.  Enter Jimmy Fallon.

Since Jimmy Fallon took over the coveted spot his ratings have been explosive!  So explosive that they even beat The Late Show With David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live combined.  That means over 5 million viewers on his second night alone.  According to sources at the New York Daily News, Letterman knew this day was coming.  But really, how could he not?  Letterman, aged 66, thinks that by booking Leno just weeks after his finale will give Fallon, aged 39, a run for his money.  And maybe Letterman is right.  Maybe he will win the ratings war on that night.  Yes, that night and that night only.  Afterall, if the sources from the Daily News is correct then who wouldn’t want to see the two “frenemies” get together on air one last time?  It could make for some interesting TV.  Afterall with characters like Leno and Letterman anything could happen.  It is amazing how Fallon’s ratings could scare the like of Letterman right back into the arms of Leno, his longtime nemesis.

The source says that this idea has been buzzing around since the news broke that Jimmy Fallon was replacing Leno.  According to the source at the Daily News, the producers of The Late Show With David Letterman wanted to wait until Fallon settled in before booking Leno, out of respect.

Even though no one from either of Leno’s or Letterman’s camp is talking, the same source says that Jay has no intention of hurting his Late Night replacement.  Instead he is just trying to stay somewhat relevant in the whole world of late night talk shows.  My question is how could being a guest on a talk show, for one night, keep you relevant?  Anyway that whole statement from Leno is proof enough for me that this is all really going to go down.

In order to pull all of this off there needs to be serious damage control done.  That is why, reportedly, Letterman called Leno and the two had a 20 minute conversation where Letterman was trying to smooth things over between the two.

Not to fear Jimmy, even if the two form an alliance what is the worst that can happen?  Maybe one night of higher ratings for Letterman?  And if that is the case, it is only because everyone would want to see how the two of them get on during the show.  Anything could happen when you put two children in a room unsupervised.

As far as I am concerned I think it is great that Jimmy Fallon is doing so well.  And hats off to his success, but more importantly, kudos to Fallon for being the only one who could scare the likes of David Letterman right back into the arms of his famous enemy, Jay Leno.  Isn’t it amazing what people would do for ratings?

Editorial by Derik L. Bradshaw

The Globe and Mail

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