Denver Broncos Took A Beating Super Bowl 2014

The Denver Broncos Super Bowl 2014

Watching the Super Bowl 2014 game caused major disappointment for fans of the Denver Broncos as they took a serious beating by the Seattle Seahawks with a score of 43 to eight. With this defeat, being one of the biggest in the history of Super Bowls, Denver Broncos players and fans are finding it hard to recover. While some boasted about their expected win for the Seattle Seahawks others are left wondering how in the world the Denver Broncos took such a beating.

Last night during Super Bowl Sunday, fans of the Broncos got a big surprise as they gathered around for hours on end to watch the pre-game activities and the Super Bowl 2014 game. Hoping for a win eager viewers were excited at the start of the game but shortly after kick-off their attitudes changed. Setting a record ,the Seattle Seahawks made history by getting on the scoreboard after only 12 seconds and from that moment on, the Denver Broncos continued to fall short of victory.

Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner said, “I wasn’t surprised at all…We thought we could hold them to zero points if we played our game,” speaking of the Seahawk’s overpowering defense which did, in fact, keep the Broncos at zero points, until the third quarter when the Broncos were able to squeeze in the one and only touchdown and two-point conversion of the night. This move allowed the Broncos to move their score up by eight points but the lack of any other touchdowns during the rest of the game left the scoreboard wide open for Seattle to dominate.

Though the offense of the Broncos kept creating turnovers, leaving the Seahawks with the ball a majority of the time, during the game the defense seemed to fall just as short leaving fans and viewers surprised and angry.

From the point of the viewers who were watching and talking about the Super Bowl 2014 game on social media sites, the Denver Broncos did not seem to have the willpower to keep from taking a beating. Throughout the course of the game several reported “mistakes” were made by the Broncos that allowed for the Seahawks to score big. Several passes, especially one in the third quarter, turned out very successful for the Seahawks. At 14 minutes, 48 seconds in the third quarter Percy Harvin was able to run 87 yards to a touchdown following the kick-off. Not too long after that stunning run another touchdown was made which showed the Denver Broncos falling all over each other as they ran to stop the rush, an attempt that was unsuccessful and sort of embarrassing from the fan’s points of view, though Peyton Manning would be angry if he heard that claim.

Reports showed Peyton Manning growing angry, after the game, at the word embarrassing as he stated, “It’s not embarrassing…embarrassing is an insulting word.” Peyton Manning, who won his record fifth MVP award last weekend has found this loss particularly hard as he has been to the Super Bowl many times before and in those times he had never suffered a loss quite like this one. If the Broncos had won it would have been Manning’s second Super Bowl win reportedly making him the “best quarterback in history” according to sports newscasters.

While Manning and other players of the Broncos had a lot to gain by winning the Super Bowl they just could not seem to hold their own during the game. Reports came in last night of Broncos fans everywhere leaving the game before the fourth quarter, taking off their jerseys, and even popping orange and blue balloons, moves that conveyed the disappointment of all who believed in the Broncos. Though fans everywhere are still making comments about sticking with the Broncos even after their defeat.

While this loss was difficult to swallow for Broncos players and fans everywhere, many are already looking forward to a new season next year. Even though the Denver Broncos took a beating during the Super Bowl 2014 game, the Seattle Seahawks can now celebrate their victory with a major win in Super Bowl history.

By Crystal Boulware

Fox News
Washington Post

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