Diablo III Patch 2.0.1 Paving the Way for Reaper of Souls Expansion

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Diablo III patch 2.0.1

Two years after its initial release, Diablo III prepares itself for the first expansion known as the Reaper of Souls expansion, which comes out March 25. Patch 2.0.1 is making a large amount of changes necessary to pave the way for the expansion, but testing has yielded a problem and severs are currently shut down.

When testing the 2.0.1 patch Blizzard found an issue that was so serious that they had to shut down all servers. Blizzard has commented on the matter claiming that by 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time the servers should be fully functional again. However, Blizzard is still very excited for players to experience the new Diablo III content. “We’re really looking forward to players getting a chance to explore and enjoy patch 2.0.1.”

The 2.0.1 update is prepping Diablo III for some of the big changes that will be present in the Reaper of Souls expansion. Such additions include the new leveling system, Loot 2.0, Paragon 2.0 and more.

This expansion comes at a good time for gamers that haven’t played Diablo III yet. As of yesterday, PlayStation began a sale in celebration of 2013. In this sale Diablo III can be purchased for $39.99 or $35.99 if the user has PlayStation Plus. Those earning points during the sale will gain three times the normal amount. This sale will be running through March 3.

For those tha pre-purchase Reaper of Souls, a pre-order bonus is offered if the game is registered on Battle.net. These bonus items include the Wings of Valor and Valla the Demon Hunter. The Wings of Valor are an aesthetic artifact and Valla the Demon Hunter is actually a hero that becomes unlocked. It is possible to register after the expansion comes out. The deadline for obtaining these items is March 31.

Diablo III Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls pre-order bonus

As for the specific changes brought about in patch 2.0.1 an enormous number of things have been tweaked or changed. Pools of Reflection have been added that give the player a temporary 25 percent experience boost. Enemies now sometimes drop the Power Globes which grant Nephalem Glory buff. This buff temporarily increases attack and speed. Five new hero stats have been added including Cooldown Reduction, Splash Damage, Healing, Resource Cost Reduction and Toughness.

The patch has also led to bosses being tweaked. Those with the biggest changes include, Azmodan, Iskatu, Siegebreaker, and Maghda. As far as classes and abilities are concerned, a massive amount of changes have occurred, far too many to list here. For a full list follow the “Patch Notes” link below.

Diablo III is undergoing a large number of changes thanks to the 2.0.1 patch. These fixes will pave the way for the Reaper of Souls expansion that releases March 25. Currently, servers are down but are expected to be back by tonight at 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. The PlayStation sale that has Diablo III at a discounted price will be going on through March 3 and pre-order bonuses for the expansion need to be registered by March 31.

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