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HernandezAaron Hernandez, former star tight end for the New England Patriots, was involved in a fight with another inmate while in the Bristol County House of Correction in Massachusetts yesterday. Hernandez has been held without bail since June of last year under the charge that he murdered semi-pro football player, Odin Lloyd, and now additional charges may be levied against him as a result of this fight.

An internal investigation is currently underway to see if either Hernandez or the unidentified inmate he fought will face additional disciplinary action according to Bristol County Sheriff, Thomas Hodgson. “We will be studying video and proceeding with interviews to determine why and how the incident took place,” he told Rhode Island’s WJAR-TV.

For now, Hernandez is subject to one of the worst punishments a person can endure – segregation. As the most high-profile inmate held at the prison, he spends the vast majority of his incarceration isolated from the general population. His cell is 10-feet-by-7-feet and contains a metal desk with attached stool, a sink/toilet, a bunk bed frame, and not much else.

The altercation occurred in an isolated hallway, where Hernandez was granted permission to take a walk. A source told TMZ Sports that the inmate has a history of harassing Hernandez, and when that inmate was identified, the ex-Patriot attacked and beat him up. No more specifics regarding the incident have been released at this point.

The original incident Hernandez is being held for occurred on June 17th 2013. That night Odin Lloyd was shot five times in an industrial area approximately one mile from Hernandez’s $1.2 million dollar mansion in North Attleboro, Mass. Lloyd’s body was searched and a set of car keys that belonged to a vehicle Hernandez had rented were found. On top of suspicious text messages between the two, Hernandez’s phone was found in pieces by investigators when they searched Hernandez’s home the next day and police noted that the interior had just undergone a thorough scrubbing by a team of house cleaners. A week later, Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, in addition to a half-dozen gun related charges. 90 minutes after the arrest, the New England Patriots released him.

Hernandez played college football for the University of Florida under coach Urban Meyer and helped the Gators win a national championship in 2009. In 2010 he entered the NFL draft and was selected by the Patriots in the fourth round. Hernandez played three seasons in New England and he and teammate, Rob Gronkowski, broke records, the two being the first to finish in the top 5 for touchdowns, yardage and receptions by tight ends on the same team. Hernandez’s NFL career is now over as he awaits his trial for murder.

No trial date has been set yet but it is expected that Hernandez will have his chance in court over the Summer. Whether Hernandez will face additional charges as a result of this incident is unclear, but what is clear is that fighting in jail with other inmates will do little to help his case.

By Matt Stinson


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  1. Carl Leitz   February 26, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Seems a win-win for the types that pick on high-profile prisoners like AH:

    Even if they lose the fight they brag, “Hey! I’m the guy Mr Famous beat up!”

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