Drake Hops on Macklemore Blast Wagon

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“Drake: passenger of one…”  All aboard the Macklemore blast wagon express!  Seats are filling fairly quickly on the Macklemore blast wagon express.  Macklemore is an extremely talented lyricist that is part of the two-man crew known as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis received seven Grammy nominations and were able to nab four.  Their album The Heist received awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap performance and Best Rap Album.  Drake received nominations in all these categories except Best New Artist, giving him a total of three nominations, but he was left empty-handed.  Kendrick Lamar received seven nominations, for his album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, and walked out empty-handed as well.  These three are heavy-weight contenders in the rap world.

Controversy surrounding the three rap kings began to hatch during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.  Tweets began trending in regard to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ category winnings.  Rapper Schoolboy Q received 24,000 re-tweets after tweeting “(sic) If kendrick doesn’t win a Grammy I’m Fading da industry braH none of y’all safe.”  Schoolboy Q also tweeted that Macklemore was deserving of earning the coveted Grammy Awards, but so was Kendrick Lamar.   Asan Neil-Evergin joined the tweet saga saying, “America y’all killin me.”  Macklemore did nab the win and Kenrick Lamar did not.  “Nobody knows what music is anymore.” Kook-Koochie Krook fumed in the tweeting circus with saying Macklemore needs to present the Grammy to Lamar.  “Just get up there and say ‘And my Grammy goes to…Kendrick Lamar.’ “

Macklemore then sent a text to Kendrick Lamar stating that he was robbed of the Grammy and should have won.   Macklemore explained further that he wanted to make these statements in his speech but “froze” up.  Macklemore posted the text on Instagram, allowing for more ridicule.  Drake has hopped right on the Macklemore blast wagon, discharging disparaging comments to Rolling Stone.  Drake asked, “Why are you posting text messages?  Just chill.  If you feel you didn’t deserve it, go get better — make better music,'” Drake also stated that the sentiment was cheap and disingenuine. Drake proposed the question, do you think fellow rappers would “pay homage to you if they won?  Then why feel gulity?”  Drake asserted that Macklemore naming only Lamar made him “feel funny.”  “In that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages!”  Drake said.

What is the true seed of this rant?  Is it bitterness that another artist has surpassed him in hip hop commercialism?  Or is Drake exhibiting jealousy of being swept in every category?  These rants may have never surfaced if the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science accomplished their goal.  This organization attempted to block the album from certain rap categories because of its pop success.  It is horrifically disheartening that street cred continues to dictate and demolish hip hop careers.  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are two fine hip hop stars that just happened to attract a popular audience by doing hip hop music.  Macklemore, now 30, has been rapping since the age of 14.    His early domination of music consisted of East Coast Undergroud, Freestyle Fewllowship, Aceyalone, Living Legends, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas and Talib Kweli.  Does Macklemore’s pigmentation contribute to the millions of eardrums he pierces?  Or is it the fact that he had the guts as an established hip hop artist to tackle a genre that may be seen as a conflict between artists and race?

Editorial By Ebony Waller


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