Julius Malema the Next South African President

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The undivided support from members of his political party, Economic Freedom Fighters, (EFF) has created a stir in the media by claiming Julius Malema will be the next South African President.

The EFF spokesperson Floyd Shivambu said in a statement that the party has intervention programs in place to assist Julius Malema with his ongoing legal battles. Adamant and straightforward, Shivambu said there is nothing preventing Julius Malema from becoming the next President of the country. He said the EFF would be the future government of South Africa and people should get used to that.

The members of the EFF remain committed in their support for Julius Malema. They have vowed to move forward to thwart the provisional sequestration order issued this week. The South African Revenue Services (SARS) brought an application to sequestrate Malema for unpaid taxes.

Shivambu said the party could raise money from its members to pay Malema’s SARS debt. The sequestration action is currently in the high court and could reach the Supreme or Appeal courts. The order will be made final on May 26 this year unless sufficient evidence is handed to the courts to stop this from happening. Since the sequestration order issued by the High Courts, thousands of South Africans have contacted the EFF and offered donations and contributions of money to Julius Malema to prevent the order being made final.

The EFF justice portfolio head Dali Mpofu said there would be an attack on the justice system that are planning to ban Malema from public office due to his financial status. He said that this was utter nonsense and insisted there would be a massive fight that would be successful for the EFF. He referred to this as the biggest political fight to protect the poor from being disenfranchised.

Mpofu said SARS were spreading false claims and insinuating that Malema would not be able to assume a public office position. He referred to the South African Constitution and quoted that every adult citizen had the right to apply for public office and if elected to hold office. There was no mention of being solvent, black or white. “They don’t call us fighters for nothing,” Mpofu quoted, and remained adamant that the EFF would not allow this situation to frustrate their move to parliament.

Julius Malema told reporters that he was going to Parliament and would challenge the sequestration order. He referred to this sequestration order as a political strategy to try to stop him from participating in Parliament.

Malema defiant as ever-said he would obey the law if needed and reflected that if the courts sequestrated him it would not be a problem. He would remain the leader of EFF and govern the people’s parliament and revolution from ground level. Malema said he did not get involved in politics to go to parliament and had turned down an offer while serving under the African National Congress (ANC) youth league.

Malema has since the inauguration of his political party capitalized on the service delivery protests around the country and his strong opinion of nationalization. His radical economic policies and land distribution reforms has gained significant support for his party from the rural communities around the country.

Malema, on the other hand, said that if he were denied the opportunity to serve in Parliament, he would have plenty of time to organize protests within South Africa. He said the present government could not sequestrate him from being a political leader.

There is no doubt that the EFF party could raise the money to absolve this whole sequestration action. This would certainly give Julius Malema the opportunity to become the next South African President.

By Laura Oneale – Opinion





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