Eating Yogurt May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Eating Yogurt May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

A new research study from Britain has discovered that eating low-fat dairy foods such as some kinds of cheese and yogurt, can possibly help an individual’s chance of not developing type 2 diabetes by nearly 25 percent. Scientists from the University of Cambridge examined information from the study that involved over 25,000 adults who resided in the county of Norfolk.

It showed the daily food records of over 750 people who developed type 2 diabetes over an 11 year period, and also tracked over 3,500 participants that were randomly selected. The investigators discovered that the digestion of milk did not up the risk, but the people who had the maximum intake of products such as low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt were less likely to come down with diabetes.

What was most noteworthy was the quantity of low-fat dairy foods, such as yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese that the participants ate. For those who ate the largest amount of these types of foods, the risk of developing diabetes shrank 24 percent, when compared with those who did not eat any of the dairy foods. When the researchers looked precisely at yogurt, the threat of developing diabetes was lessened by up to 28 percent.

This lower risk was present among individuals who ingested around 4 standard 4.4 ounce cups of yogurt each week. This was the same for the other low-fat dairy products. It was found that by eating yogurt instead of other snacks, such as potato chips, further cut down the threat of coming down with type 2 diabetes, the study stated. It is good to add fermented foods like yogurt to a healthy diet. But other factors for type 2 diabetes have to be looked at as well such as being obese. It is a good idea to add a regular exercise plan also to a person’s day, and move to a diet that is more plant-based and also reach and stay at a healthy weight. Those factors will help the body go far in helping prevent type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Nita Forouhi, who was the chief researcher of the study, stated that their study ended up showing that yogurt should become part of that healthy diet plan. The doctor is also the team leader of the nutritional program at the Medical Research Board which is located at the University of Cambridge. Although the study did not actually focus on the specific nutrients in yogurt or low-fat fermented dairy foods which are of most be benefit, there is prior data out that tells what they most likely are, she stated.

They consist of vitamin D, magnesium, calcium and possibly other fatty acids, which are in dairy products, stated Dr. Forouhi. Any dairy products that have fermented, such as yogurt, are also most likely to also contain the added benefits of certain types of probiotic bacteria and vitamin K.

The doctor did add that the research study does not actually prove any cause and effect relationships, but shows the high points of considering various food groups when planning a diet. The study, which was funded by the university, has been printed up in the European Association’s Study of Diabetes journal Diabetologia on Feb. 5. The study has discovered that eating low-fat dairy foods such as some cheeses and yogurt, can possibly help an individual chance of developing type 2 diabetes by nearly 25 percent.

By Kimberly Ruble


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