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After a recent disclosure to all the world, from Juno star Ellen Page concerning her special preference to loving the ladies, she excites fans who would like to know a little bit more, possibly in an answer all on Facebook? The soon to be 27 year-old Canadian actress is said to have been over relieved from the heavy burden of secrecy, and that now fans can expect to see a much more comfortable and confident woman as she turns the page to yet another chapter in the book of the young stars highly anticipated new life of total freedom.

Page and Drew Barrymore – Marie Claire photo shoot

Page has been supported by a great number of her peers, celebs and fellow co-stars alike. According to the multitudes of news reports in the last hours, there was little to no negative commentary towards the young performer as she may have feared, possibly adding to reasons warranting her decision to wait so long, before finally coming forward. Noting in the talk she gave on stage Friday at the HRC Time to Thrive conference. Page also suggested how her spirit, health and relationships have greatly suffered over the years as a result of her hiding, and what she called lying “by omission.”

Now folks are wondering, what can be expected next in the near future for the young star? Sources say fans of Page eagerly await to see the newly liberated actress out and about frequenting their local coffee house in proud finger-lock with her same sex partner? Although first, many of the people who have contributed to some of the 700,000 plus likes on her Facebook account demand further details, however they are willing to wait, as the new and openly announced member of the gay community takes a little time to soak in the recent events.

The actress follows in the footsteps of many other well knowns in show business including celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, former rapper turned talk show host Queen Latifa and the recent case of the Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam coming out of the closet. Well known for her publicly coming out years ago, in a 1997 interview with ABC’s 2020, Ellen DeGeneres expressed her feelings about coming out. She told reporters in a very emotional and heartfelt moment that she could not spend the rest of her life being ashamed, then tearfully exclaiming that she felt that she “belonged with everyone else.” After airing the episode of her coming out on television as a lesbian, DeGeneres was not accepted by all as well as the stars we see coming out today. JC Penny immediately pulled all of their ads in connection with the comedian. However as time would tell, a thriving daytime show with countless awards, would suggest no regrets from the superstar who could not look more comfortable in her own skin.

Page and actress Clea Du Vall were rumored to be seeing one another
Page and actress Clea Du Vall were rumored to be seeing one another

Fans still love page and claim they will support her, no matter what! Viewers still look forward to seeing her on screen in the upcoming comic book blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, her social media mega following claim to be the truest of her fan base, and would love nothing more than to meet the new, open and out, Ellen Page in an exclusive answer all interview with her friends on Facebook!


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