Infection of Eye Called Stye Is Treatable

Infections are caught everyday but one eye infection called a stye is treatable. A stye, called hordeolum, is a bacterial infection that can be picked up by a gland in the corner of the eye or a hair follicle. People increase their likelihood of developing a stye if they have had one before, have Blepharitis, a type of eyelid inflammation or have chronic skin problems. Children can get sties if they wipe their eyes with dirty hands.

The stye appears as a small bump on the lower or upper eyelid or inside the eyelid. The symptoms of a stye is redness with tenderness or pain, discomfort when blinking, a gritty feeling in the eye, sensitivity to light and swelling that usually appears as a bump. Sties can be treated if left alone. It might also help people if they place a cold compress over their eye for 10 minutes and not pick at the stye. The stye should heal within a few days, however, if it does not then it is best to visit an eye doctor. The eye doctor might prescribe a cream to help with the healing process.

The stye will grow a head and will begin to drain two days after the head appeared. Even through the eye infection called a stye is treatable, it could get infected. Infection occurs if the person picks at the stye or the bacteria travels to another gland in the eye. Sties do reoccur but can be prevented if people clean their eyelashes regularly. It is also important to not share make up or towels with other people. People should not rub or touch their eye. They should also begin treatment as soon as they know they have a stye and not wear contacts until their stye heals.

Sties are the most common eye infection and most people will have one or two sties in their lifetime. There are two types of sties: an external and internal hordeolum. An external hordeolum starts when the eyelash root is infected. Sometimes the staff infection infects an area near the follicle called the glands of Moll and Zeiss. When the stye swells it infects or clogs other glands in the eye. The swelling can cause both pain and swelling. At this point people might notice a small bump on their upper or lower eyelid. The second type of stye is called an internal hordeolum and is more serious than an external hordeolum. The internal hordeolum occurs inside the gland called the meibomian, which is below the surface of the eye. The internal hordeolum is more painful because it occurs inside the eye. This type of stye will not heal on its own and treatment from a doctor is necessary.

An infection of the eye called stye is treatable if people do not pick at the head of the stye. People can treat the stye by leaving it alone, using a cold compress or applying a medicated cream prescribed by a doctor. It is best not to wipe or rub the eye since this is how sties can appear. People should also clean their eyelashes regularly and seek treatment as soon as they know they have a stye. External hordeolum go away on their own and internal hordeolum require medical treatment. Both types of sties are not contagious.

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