Ellen Page Emotional Coming Out and Who Killed the Fashion Article

Ellen Page Emotional Coming Out and Who Killed the Fashion Article

On Valentines Day, Ellen Page gave an emotional speech at the HRC sponsored LGBT Time to Thrive first ever conference and the actress used the moment to come out as a lesbian; in her address, Page mentioned a fashion article which upset her and it has disappeared from the Internet, question is who killed it. The conference was held at the Las Vegas Bally’s Hotel and Casino and this worthwhile event was held on February 14, the day set aside for love.

There was no love, however, for the fashion piece which the 26 year-old actress referenced in her speech on the day. Page quoted from the article in which the author of the piece asked why the actress insisted on dressing like a massive -inferring overweight – male. The Juno star answered the question by saying that she dressed that way because she liked to be comfortable.

The “offending” article originally appeared on E! in their gossip section. Since the speech, however, the article has been killed and links to the piece show an error. It seems that since Ellen Page’s emotional coming out, someone decided to remove the article, it just isn’t known who took it upon themselves to censor the website. It was reported that the same article had also pleaded with Page to commit to a 180 degree style change in 2014.

While Ellen did not rise to that particular challenge, it apparently encouraged her to stand tall and show the world what she was really made of. Watching the speech, which earned the actress tumultuous applause and a standing ovation, it was apparent that the “ordeal” of coming out was taxing for the performer. What was particularly impressive was the fact that the X-Men star was near tears toward the end of her speech, but not it seems, for her plight. Instead it was during the portion of her talk dealing with young people who were bullied and made miserable enough that many committed suicide.

During the speech Page got slightly flustered at times, however, she remained focussed on why she was there. In fact, the portion of the address where she spoke of being a lesbian was incredibly short. She spent more time building up to the fact and showing how it applied to the young people that the Time to Thrive conference was aimed at. Speaking of how Hollywood itself was responsible for setting up unreal paradigms for people, not just in the industry, but the public as well.

The examples given, dealt with self image and societal norms that were anything but. At the beginning of her speech, Page told the audience that she felt weird addressing the group as she was an actress working in a field that did not dwell on reality, but a preconceived notion of what reality was. After her motivational spiel, in which she also congratulated other people in the public eye who had recently “come out,” she repeated the phrase that it felt weird to be addressing the targeted group.

By the end of the emotional coming out speech, Ellen Page stood tall and proud. She was, at that moment, true to herself and proud of who she was. It is odd, however, that someone decided to remove the “offending” article that Page referenced in her speech. Who actually removed it has not been addressed as well as why they removed it. Censorship in any form is not a good thing and if anyone knows that it is Ellen Page. The actress, despite her annoyance at the article herself, would surely not approve as she has felt the discomfort of her own self censorship.

By Michael Smith




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