Ellen Page Announces She Is Gay to Applause and Standing Ovation at Time to Thrive Conference (Video)

Ellen Page Announces She Is Gay to Applause and Standing Ovation at Time to Thrive Conference (Video)

In an emotional speech Ellen Page announced that she is gay and the Juno actress got tumultuous applause and a standing ovation at the LGBT Time to Thrive conference that was run by the HRC. The 26 year-old actress spoke at the gay young people’s event being held at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Valentines Day. Page revealed that she was gay and tired of hiding the fact by omission. Her speech was posted on YouTube and you can watch it below.

Before the actress “came out” she became emotional and her voice cracked as she struggled to hold back tears. Page was not tearing up because she of her admission that she was a lesbian, rather the emotion came from her recounting how difficult life could be for the young people she was addressing in the audience.

At the beginning of the speech, Ellen spoke of how “weird” it was that she was there to speak to the LGBT community of young people. Page Admitted to the fact that she had bowed to the “crushing standards” placed on members of the entertainment community. Standards that affected not just the young, but everyone. These included “norms” of beauty, success and a “good life.” She admitted that she had been affected by these unreal rules.

After the speech, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) tweeted their support for Page and her decision to “live openly.” Page responded to the tweet and thanked them and everyone else who loved and supported her. Since Juno the actress has been plagued with rumors that she was gay. Page took it all in stride and performed a sexy lesbian parody of herself when she hosted SNL.

During her speech, before Ellen Page announced that she was gay to rapturous applause and a standing ovation, the actress spoke of the crushing effect and the toxicity of trying follow definitions set by other people. The Time to Thrive conference supported the young performer in her heartfelt oratory where she talked of people accepting each other for what they were instead of attacking each other.

It was after her plea of acceptance that she revealed she was gay and that was why she attended the conference. It was at this point that Page became emotional as she talked of being tired of hiding and lying by omission. Page also told of how hiding the truth affected her spirit, mental health and relationships.

The entire speech has been posted to YouTube on the Human Rights Campaign’s channel and has already had almost 1,500 “likes” and only 19 “dislikes” since it was put up. Comments on the video have been pretty positive and full of support for the actress. Perhaps the first one, from Kaelyn and Lucy, says it best; they simply thank Ellen for her inspirational words.

Words that came hard for Page. Watching the video it is apparent that Ellen had come to a difficult decision. One which she found to be very emotional and she congratulated other professionals who have “come out.” The standing ovation and applause that Page received for her announcement of being gay felt that it was not just for her courage to come clean and “live openly” but for her support of all those young people who struggled every day with issues. Ellen may have believed that her speech felt a little bit weird, but, watching her speak it felt anything but. You can watch Page’s speech on the video below.

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