Drake Checking His Ego?

Drake reportedly made the fatal mistake of tweeting with a bruised ego. Any music artist, whether it is hip hop, rock, or country, worth their salt wants to land the cover of the iconic, legendary magazine Rolling Stone. It represents a milestone in an artist’s music career. To most artists it means they have “arrived.”

Drake was honored by Rolling Stone magazine to be interviewed and allegedly was told he was going to grace the cover of the latest issue of the magazine. Timing is everything in business and, unfortunately, the great Oscar award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away days before the new issue of Rolling Stone was to hit the stands. Some are speculating the magazine possibly made an executive decision based off of the high emotions surrounding the sudden, tragic death of Hoffman and chose to place his face on the cover instead of the famed chart topping hip-hop artist Drake. Allegedly Drake, impulsively, got onto Twitter to rant to his fans about how he felt and possibly realized he had to check his ego.

Comparing Philip Seymour Hoffman’s success to Drake’s success is like comparing diamonds to rubies. Many of their fans would say both men have achieved levels of accomplishment in their industries that most performers will never come close to tasting. Drake, 27, was signed to his first major record deal eight years ago to hip-hop mogul Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. Drake, being a young man growing into his own in shark infested waters known as the music industry, has reportedly sold out concert dates and has won 45 music awards, including a Grammy. With such hits as Started From The Bottom, All Me, Make Me Proud, Successful, Fancy, Best I Ever Had, and the list continues, many of his fans would say he earned his spot on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, without a doubt, was respected by much of the industry for his Oscar award-winning performance in Capote and phenomenal delivery in such films as Charlie Wilson’s War, Boogie Nights, Hunger Games: Catch Fire, The Ides Of March, and the list goes on. Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment of an alleged heroin overdose February 6, 2014. His death came as a shock. Many of his peers were devastated by the loss of such a talented man. Questions still loom over the why and how this could happen to an actor at the top of his game. Rolling Stone graced Philip Seymour Hoffman’s face on the latest issue possibly hoping to respond to the masses wanting to learn more about the deceased actor. This decision may have caused Drake to realize his ego was in need of being checked.

Drake fans would say that he is young and has many magazine covers in his future. According to Entertainment Weekly, Drake has stated he is done with giving magazine interviews. Not only was he allegedly livid about being replaced on the cover of Rolling Stone, but he claims the magazine reported him criticizing another hip-hop mogul Kanye West’s album Yeezus. Drake is denying he ever mentioned Kanye West in his interview with the magazine. He goes onto to report in Newsday that the press is “evil.”

Drake says he just wants to give his music to the people because it is the only way his message is received accurately. His publicist possibly advised him it was not a good look to have a public outburst about a man who recently passed away with thousands still mourning over his death. Or the young, accomplished artist possibly realized his ego got the best of him for just a moment. With the amount of accolades and royalty checks he has attained and still accumulating before hitting the age of 30, it would be unrealistic to believe he has success, fame, and fortune all figured out and under control.

Philip Seymour Hoffman possibly had not figured it out at the age of 46, which some speculate might have driven him to heroin. Drake wears his passion and ego over an 808 quite well on the stage filling arenas with screaming fans, but ego and rage doesn’t always translate so well over social media. Rolling Stone gave respect to two men…deservingly. No matter what demons these two amazing artists have dealt with in the cold “evil” world of entertainment, it cannot be denied that they both have left marks on the world much bigger than any cover of a magazine.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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    Great article. Drake needs you as his publicist!

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