Ellen Page Received Support From Twitter After She Came Out [Video]

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Ellen Page publicly announced that she is gay on Feb. 14 and has received support from celebrities on Twitter after she came out. Jamie King tweeted her support to Page by congratulating her on sharing her light, integrity and truth that is in everyone. He continued by saying that those words were both for her onscreen and off-screen performances. He said he had great admiration for her. Mia Farrow tweeted by saying that she thought Page’s speech was eloquent and beautiful. Farrow also attached the article about her speech to her Twitter post. Lance Bass also commented on Page’s speech by tweeting that he just watched Page come out and said wow what a speech; he also congratulated her.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson said that he loves Page and the message she sent out today. He also said it was a great way to end Valentine’s Day. Jason Collins tweeted that he wishes all the love and support for her. He also thanks her for sharing her story with the world. Josh Gad thanked Page for her eloquence, courage and incredible Valentine’s Day message in his tweet. Tegan and Sara told Page to never underestimate the courage it takes to be yourself and added giant hugs to their tweet.

Shannon Woodward said in a tweet that she has never been more proud of a human than she is of Page right now. Emile Hirsch tweeted that he is giving props to Page for helping so many people through their daily struggles by courageously leading by example and coming out on Valentine’s Day. Sara Bareilles focused her celebratory tweet to Page with one word: “yay.” The word was repeated eight times each followed by Page’s twitter name @EllenPage. Luis Guzman said in his tweet that he has nothing but love and respect for Page. Katie Mara asked on her tweet for Page to be her valentine, which Page responded by saying yes followed by please.

Before Page received support from celebrities on Twitter after she came out, she spoke at the Time to Thrive conference on Friday in Las Vegas. At the conference she came out as a lesbian. She said at the conference that she is here today because she is gay and because maybe she can make a difference. She also said she was there to help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Page also said that regardless for her she feels she has a personal obligation and social responsibility. She also said that she suffered for years because she was afraid to come out. Page continued by saying that her spirit, relationships and mental health all suffered. She said that she was with the audience on the other side of that pain.

Ellen Page announced that she is gay after speaking at the Time to Thrive conference on Friday. After she came out, she received support from celebrities on Twitter who both congratulated her and gave her messages of support. In her speech, she said that she was tired of hiding and that she hoped that by coming out it would help others have a more hopeful and easier time. According to Twitter analytics released by Topsy, Ellen Page was tweeted over 192,000 times since she announced her sexual orientation.

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