Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Share Disrespect for Bill Clinton

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Share Disrespect for Bill Clinton

Just when it seemed that Miley Cyrus could not possibly stretch the boundaries of bad taste any further, she decides to share Justin Bieber’s disrespect for Bill Clinton. Only Cyrus doesn’t just spout a few naughty words whilst looking at the former president’s picture on a wall. That is not risque enough for the former Hannah Montana actress. The 21 year-old singer has gone all out for her Bangerz tour and she “recreates” a scandalous White House moment live and on stage.

According to those who saw the concert in Vancouver, Canada the Wrecking Crew singer entered the stage by sliding down her own tongue. Of course that ubiquitous Cyrus organ is not really big enough for the diminutive entertainer to slip down to the stage on. She entered via a giant picture of her face with the tongue protruding. After landing the former Disney television star did manage to make eyebrows go up yet again by breaking her own previous limits of self sexualizing.

Throughout the show, Miley twerked at the drop of a hat and the audience loved it. With each “aimed twerk” the crowd erupted into a tumultuous roar that could probably be heard over the Canadian border in the U.S. and the volume did not decrease with each repeated twerk. While some critics have maintained that the Cyrus backside is too tiny to properly twerk, her fans do not appear to agree.

Rolling Stone actually went so far as to list eight outrageous moments over the course of her Vancouver performance. Somewhat incredibly, they leave out Miley Cyrus’ own version of Justin Bieber’s disrespect for Bill Clinton. Cyrus shares with her fans a moment of American history by miming herself giving the former president a “Lewinsky.” On her knees and wearing a cowboy hat, she looks to be committing fellatio on a tuxedo clad dancer with a Bill Clinton mask on. Apparently, Rolling Stone have a different barometric reading for outrageous.

One thing that is certain, according to the rock magazine, is that Cyrus sang her little heart out. Miley promised her fans that the concert would be about the music and she stayed true to her word. Although she did still manage to hit new heights with her more controversial antics on stage. Apart from her constant twerking on stage, the singer also “humped” a singer dressed as a giant marijuana cigarette, or doobie, roach, blunt, et al. This bit of information, combined with the small size of Cyrus, brings to mind one of those yappy little dogs which wrap forelegs around calves and go to it. Not a pleasant image to be sure.

Cyrus also, at one point, straddled a huge hotdog. Older members of the audience, if indeed such a thing exists since Miley is clearly not for old people, could have mistaken this stunt for a homage to Dr Strangelove and the Texas cowboy who rides the nuclear missile down to impact. However, since there probably were not audience members old enough to remember this Stanley Kubrick masterpiece it was most likely another sexual motif.

Later, Miley appeared on the opposite side of the venue dressed in a baggy shirt and a baseball cap. The cap, worn backwards made Cyrus resemble her pal Justin Bieber with whom she shares her disrespect for former president Bill Clinton. While the singer did not swear at a photograph of Clinton, her miming of the sexual hijinks that almost got the then president impeached, carried the same message. Whether Cyrus was mocking Monica Lewinsky or Clinton is not clear, but, her message was. Her new image is still, despite cracking vocals throughout the show, all about sex; hers and former president’s.

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4 Responses to "Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Share Disrespect for Bill Clinton"

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  2. Chester H. Anderson Sr.   April 8, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    Miley Cyrus is a filthy slut. She should be banned from performing anywhere in these United States.It’s sad that young people pay top dollars to see this garbage.

  3. rob barton   February 17, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    So I understand, the hillbilly wants to blow the former prez

  4. Marco   February 17, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    well….Bill Clinton made a disrespectful unbecoming and disgusting SEX ACTS….whilst being a President of USA……what can you expect??? HE DESERVES IT BY ALL MEANS….THOUGH MILEY CYRUS is disgusting as well with her outfits, tongue and moves.


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