Even With Global Warming, Colder Weather Deaths Will Not Go Down

Even With Global Warming, Colder Weather Deaths Will Not Go Down

A new research study has reported that even as the world’s temperature has increased because of climate change and global warming, there will not be a reduction of colder weather related deaths that happen during the coldest of times. The research report, which was printed up in the journal Nature Climate Change, is running completely opposite to the opinion that excess deaths which occurred in the worst of the winter would start to be reduced because of the change in the climate and global warming.

Researchers who did the study at a university which was located in London scrutinized over six decades of data regarding the weather all over the globe and took note of what the death rate was during the winter. They also looked at factors which influenced the deaths over a period of time. In the past, the cold temperatures were connected to additional deaths that happened in the winter. These deaths were especially noticed from the 1050’s to the early 1970’s. However from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s, the extra deaths in the wintertime were credited to both frigid days and also illnesses such as the flu, stated the researchers in their research report. This information changed from the 1990’s to the early 2010’s, when flu activity was alone counted as the chief cause in the annual discrepancy in wintertime deaths.

Main research lead Philip Staddon, who works at the university in London, stated that his report showed that the number of cold days in the winter no longer was able to explain the number of additional deaths. Instead, the top cause of the annual reasons in wintertime deaths in recent decades has been the flu. Staddon and his associates suggested that it was possible that enhancements in health care, income, housing and also better awareness of the risks that the cold weather can have on a person’s health have led to changes in the causes of death during the frigid wintertime. As years continue to pass, it is most likely that the entire world will go through periods of very dangerous and erratic weather. Even though there may be fairly warmer winters which happen as a result of climate change, the researchers have decided that with a more unstable climate, it could actually cause to even more deaths in the wintertime that are to do with global warming, rather than less deaths.

Climate change and global warming will most likely not lessen any winter death rates. In fact, it will probably end up increasing them by causing more dangerous weather happenings and even larger variation in the temperatures of the weather. Action has to be taken to stop this from occurring. The policy makers of the world and also health officials have for a long time thought that a possible benefit from climate change would be a lessening of deaths seen in the wintertime, stated Staddon. The scientists have shown that such an occurrence will be very unlikely to end up being the case. Any determination to fight wintertime deaths due to the frigid cold probably will not be lessened, and those against the flu and/or flu-like infections should continue to be preserved. Because of these findings, the research study report is most likely correct in that there will not be a reduction of colder weather related deaths that happen during the coldest of times.

By Kimberly Ruble


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