Facebook Acquisition, WhatsApp Outage Sparks Criticism

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The highly popular social networking site Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, and outage of WhatsApp on Saturday was highly criticized by millions of people around the globe. The mobile messaging application, WhatsApp, was recently purchased by Facebook for more than $19 billion. WhatsApp annoyed people on Saturday, Feb. 22, when it crashed for longer than three hours. The service of WhatsApp was restored after it underwent hours of outage. However, first the Facebook’s acquisition, and then WhatsApp’s outage within days after the acquisition sparked criticism around the world. WhatsApp followers on twitter were apologized to by the WhatsApp company tweets on Saturday afternoon for the inconvenience. The users experienced crashed server issues, and service was restored around 6.p.m. EST.

The Facebook team notified WhatsApp service to answer questions regarding the crash. WhatsApp did not answer it in atimely manner, nor did the representatives give elaborate detail on the outages. The application has more than 450 million users internationally.

WhatsApp was invented five years ago, and is attracting millions of people globally. WhatsApp users on Saturday reported the server crash issues on different blogs and on social media. People expressed their frustration with the WhatsApp outage after Facebook’s acquisition. Thus, the criticism sparked on social media when the application crashed.

Furthermore, the application is highly popular amongst users from Asia, Europe, and Americas. People that avoid other social media platforms, also use the mobile app for messaging and connecting with their social circles. The app was out for 210 minutes on Saturday. The rumors that surrounded the outage included that the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook was only to crash it, so that Facebook Chat would get more users. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, paid the mobile text messaging application billions to become a social media conglomerate, and the app company made millions from its users’ social interactions.

Additionally, according to the research of Ovum Ltd., phone providers around the globe pay millions for the messaging application services. By 2016, the fees for texting will climb to more than $54 billion for providers. The applications allow people to connect and communicate around the globe, and the company CEOs make revenues through people’s communication.

Many people said the team earned billions from Zuckerberg and that they are now enjoying the time off.  Tom Daley, Olympic medalist, tweeted his complaint to his followers about Saturday’s crash of WhatsApp.  In the meantime, Mark Zuckerberg said that the application is on the roadway now to reach more than another billion people through the service.  The acquisition of WhatsApp is highly valuable and serves as a huge landmark.

Chris Sedlmayr, software engineer, expressed his views on Twitter about how not to depend on crashed outage applications, because there are many other ways to text message, and those services do not go down. Moreover, Mathew Ingram, a Toronto Journalist, said WhatsApp was out because the CEOs were too indulged in counting billion earned from Zuckerberg. He said, they were counting “one bill at a time.”

The technical issue came on Saturday, and on Wednesday, the mobile text messaging application earned revenue of billions from Mark Zuckerberg, $12 billion in shares in Facebook, and around $4 billion cash. The founders of the mobile messaging application also received $3 billion worth of stocks. The headquarters of WhatsApp will stay in California and the rumors indicate that it will be maintained by the company. The WhatsApp outage sparked criticism on social sites after its controversial acquisition by Facebook.

By Iqra Amjad



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