‘Fallout 4’ Rumor: Battlecry Studios Working on ‘Fallout’ Title False?

Fallout 4 rumor Battlecry Studios working on Fallout title incorrect

A number of online news outlets are reporting on the possibility that the studio responsible for developing Fallout 3 – Bethesda Game Studios – might not be involved in creating Fallout 4. Instead, based upon recruitment efforts, some have suggested that a relatively nascent team of developers, called Battlecry Studios, could be involved in producing the next iteration in the renowned, post-apocalyptic franchise.

Battlecry Studios Recruiting Glut of Staff

According to a job listing on ZeniMax Media’s website, the parent company is hunting for a Senior Environment Artist to work as a part of its subsidiary, Battlecry Studios. The posting indicates that the employee will, ultimately, produce environment art for an undisclosed AAA title for PC and next-generation console platforms. The successful recruit will be involved in asset creation, level build-out and lighting, as well as creating in-game models and textures, to name a select few responsibilities.

Adding to this, a slew of additional listings have also surfaced on the site, including positions for the following:

  • Senior Level Designer
  • Temporary QA Tester
  • Lead VFX Artist
  • Animator
  • Senior Environment Artist
  • Build/Tools Engineer
  • Server Engineers
  • Graphics, Gameplay and Platform Engineers
  • BI Lead Architect
  • Web Engineers

This information, in isolation, appears to have inspired rumors that Battlecry Studios may take the reins of Fallout 4‘s long-awaited development. Although these are, indeed, interesting job postings, and raises questions over what Battlecry might be working on, there is scant information to suggest that such an

New job listings appear on ZeniMax Media's site for Battlecry Studios
New job listings appear on ZeniMax Media’s site for Battlecry Studios.

inexperienced studio will assume control of one of ZeniMax’s biggest franchises. Frankly, it is more likely that the Austin-based developers will be working on an entirely new IP, or a sequel to an existing, lesser-known title.

Looking through the “requirements” sections for the postings, most of the skills needed are fairly non-descript and could, quite conceivably, hint at a number of possible projects. Some of the details, however, do provide some clues as to the type of video game that Battlecry might working towards.

Battlecry Working on Online Multiplayer Game?

ZeniMax has specified that candidates for the Lead VFX Artist position will benefit from experience with Crytek’s CryEngine, alongside prior involvement with “shooter and/or action game” experiences and competitive multiplayer games – something that is also mentioned for the role of Gameplay Engineer. Since the Fallout franchise is not exactly renowned for its multiplayer experience, this suggests the project may not be Fallout 4, after all. Likewise, when looking at the occupational duties for the Senior Level Designer, ZeniMax have specifically stated that the candidate must be able to “Design, build, and iterate multiplayer map levels,” and work on the visuals for maps.

Looking closely at the details for the Animator listing, meanwhile, the company lists the ability to skin numerous characters, garments and gear as one if its “pluses.” Furthermore, the Build/Tools Engineer is, seemingly, being hired to help Battlecry Studios maintain an “online title,” with a number of recommended skills that allude to the studio developing a new online multiplayer game; they aim for recruits with familiarity in systems that relate to game patching, server deployment and asset dependency, along with bot driven automated systems.

Ultimately, these details, along with new job postings for Web and Server Engineers, suggests that Battlecry Studios is working on an online multiplayer shooter. Contrary to popular opinion, and many of the circulating rumors, it looks as though Bethesda will still be in charge of development for Fallout 4.

Guardian Liberty Voice previously reported on a recruitment drive that was spearheaded by Bethesda Game Studios, which included job opportunities in the company’s Art, Programming and Design departments. Quest, Level and User Interface Designers were sought, as well as a Game Programmer, for a “bleeding edge” RPG. On this occasion, a number of the listings mentioned that candidates with a history of using The Elder Scrolls Construction Set and GECK – a set of Fallout modding tools – would be looked upon favorably.

Although a series of leaked casting documents, allegedly for Fallout 4, were recently uploaded by Kotaku writer Jason Schreier, Bethesda is yet to officially confirm the game is currently in the works.

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