‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Finally Announced

Fantastic FourIt’s been a long wait for the comic fans, but the Fantastic Four cast has finally been announced. As rumored, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan will star along with Kate Mara and the surprise announcement Jamie Bell.

Rumors started of Teller and Jordan being in the film at the start of the month. Entertainment Weekly couldn’t help but joke about Jordan being rumored to be in a lot of movies over the next few years. However, there were many other names thrown in for the other characters in the reboot, directed by Josh Trank. Some of those included Emily Rossum, Elizabeth Olsen and Christian Cook. The question for many fans is whether this cast is good enough for the legendary Fantastic Four.

Teller is in negotiations to play Mr. Fantastic, so hopefully something doesn’t go drastically wrong. He is best known for his roles in the reboot of Footloose and Project X. It’s clear from the beginning that Trank is after a young cast by getting the 27-year-old to play the part. He is one of the hottest upcoming actors at the moment, but can he really pull off the leader of the four-piece? At least this time he’s American! Why did Tim Story get British actor Ioan Gruffudd to play the character and then force the obviously fake American accent on him?

Jordan is the next non-surprise, and will play “The Human Torch,” Johnny Storm. Chris Evans played him in the 2005 adaption and really gave the character life and personality, and it is probable that Jordan will do the same. He is hot off the screen from That Awkward Moment, which also stars the recently finally announced Fantastic Four cast member, Teller. TV credits include Friday Night Lights and Parenthood.

One thing that will be interesting is how the storyline for Johnny and Sue Storm will be changed. They’re supposed to be brother and sister, but Sue Storm will be played by Mara. Fans have brought up the question, too. Could it be that they’ll be half-siblings instead, or will Trank completely change the story? Many people will recognize the new Fantastic Four “Invisible Girl” from the hit show House of Cards, but she has also had roles in the first season of American Horror Story, Entourage and 24.

Finally, the surprise cast member announced is 27-year-old Bell. He’s best known for Man on a Ledge and The Adventures of Tin Tin. He will play the part of Ben Grimm, aka “The Thing.” This part was rumored to be going to Josh Gad from Frozen, but Trank stopped the speculation on that fairly quickly.

There is no announcement yet as to who will play Dr. Doom. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Trank could even change the gender of the villain for the movie. The 2005 movie saw Julian McMahon take to the screen, but it is likely a big name will take it this time.

Filming is due to start soon and will be in Philadelphia. The set release date at the moment is June 19, 2015. The question for many is whether this newly finally announce cast for Fantastic Four will be any good.

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