Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously [Video]

Far Cry Blood Dragon
He means business.

Welcome to the world of neon lights and lazers, a dream land made up by children in the 80’s. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a short experience that acknowledges just how ridiculous it is and uses that to emphasis it’s greatness. Don’t take yourself too serious or Blood Dragon’s charm will likely be lost on you. Simply envelope yourself in the theme and enjoy the ride. If you haven’t seen any of Blood Dragon yet, try watching this trailer.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is not very long, but that is also to be expected since it is really a piece of downloadable content (DLC). Even if you do all of the side quests and collectibles this game is still shorter than an ordinary shooter, which is typically something like 7-10 hours. If you wanted to speed through this game without doing side quest/ collectible stuff it could be finished in less than three hours. With that being said, it is much cheaper than a full game, Blood Dragon can be purchased digitally for $15.00 and having the original Far Cry 3 isn’t necessary, Blood Dragon, like Undead Nightmare (Red Dead Redemption) is a stand alone purchase.

One thing Blood Dragon knows how to do is set the mood. Once you get to explore the island it becomes apparent how neon-prehistoric-futuristic the environment really is. With such an odd combination of elements surrounding you simply exploring is a blast. Not to mention, the protagonist Rex, is a super cyborg that can cover ground at an incredible rate and takes no fall damage. He can also swim incredibly fast and breath underwater; the ultimate exploring machine.

Exploring far cry 3 blood dragon
If you don’t like guns try the bow.

The music helps to set the mood at least as much as the visual aesthetics do. When you get spotted or when things start to heat up the music follows along perfectly (usually getting louder as the action picks up with electronic and bass beats). Mixed with Rex’s one liners and takedowns, combat is a smooth ride all the way through.

If Far Cry 3 was too much for you in its seriousness, grand scale, or personal questioning, then Blood Dragon is probably the best consolation prize you’ll ever receive. Plus, if you ever feel like there aren’t enough musically enhanced training montages in your life, Blood Dragon can certainly help with that. The game even has an awkward 80’s bedroom montage. Also, you might end up hunting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Overall is Blood Dragon worth it? Holy shittake mushrooms yes! Few full length games are able to create and commit to a theme as heavily as Blood Dragon does. Once you come to terms with how the game represents itself it is hard to not have a good time with this game. Blood Dragon is brutally aware of what it is doing and how ridiculous it is, (dinosaurs that shoot lazers) as the player you need to accept that (like the game does) and go along with the experience. Whether you want to stealthily take down cyborgs and rip out their circuits or try to lure a blood dragon to a cybershark breeding ground, Blood Dragon wants you to have fun doing it. If you enjoy shooters, even only slightly, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon deserves your attention.

By Garrett Jutte
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