Fish Pedicures and Vampire Facials

Fish Pedicures and Vampire FacialsFish pedicures and vampire facials are just a few of the trending beauty tricks some celebrities are using to stay young and beautiful. Keeping slim and fit goes hand in hand with all the other trimmings of leading a life in the spotlight. Famous faces require special care, as does the rest of the body for a gorgeous and healthy life. As natural remedies and alternative health options flourish, so do the bizarre treatments some stars have been known to do.

As the old adage seems to still ring true, much more is involved than an apple a day in the health and beauty routines of many celebrities. Special treatments are available to anyone who can fork out the dough and endure the pain or weird feelings of what it can take. Fish pedicures, vampire facials, cupping and strenuous exercise workouts are the norm for such stars as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Looking good from head to toe is the name of the game in the business of stage and screen. Painted toes used to be enough to strut the red carpet in fancy high-heeled sandals, but in recent years things have become a little fishy. As viewers watched in amazement while tiny fish nibbled on the Kardashian sisters feet, the fish pedicure trend has become more accepted, even though it could pose some health risks.

The Garra Rufa fish, cleverly nicknamed Doctor fish, are inch long carp usually found in natural hot springs. The fish are known to feed off of the dead skin of humans and are used in some salons as beauty treatments. The toothless critter uses its sucker-like mouth to nibble and refine toes, soles and heels of the feet. Patrons place their tired feet into a small tank with dozens of the fish ready to tickle and tingle their toes.

Some issues with fish pedicures have occurred with bacteria, as health standards concerning the procedure have been increased. The risks are usually low as long as the patron does not have any open cuts or sores on their feet. Streptococcus agalactiae can be present from infected fish, or if the soaking tank is not properly sanitized. Still the unique treatment, costing about $40 per 15 minutes, is soothing and stimulating.

Fish Pedicures and Vampire FacialsKardashian also let viewers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians see her endure a Vampire facial. The expensive procedure costing $1500, is in fact somewhat bloody. It is touted as a much more beneficial type of facial with long-lasting excellent results. Partakers of the extreme treatment have their own blood withdrawn to be used as a mask and filler. Plasma is separated from the blood and platelets are mixed with calcium and or Restylane. The mask stays on for two hours with additional injections added as fillers, often causing some slight pain. The mask provides new skin growth and plumpness, producing natural collagen. The initial look can be scary, but within days the skin is restored and glowing.

Fish Pedicures and Vampire FacialsSome have taken to the age old custom of cupping, an Asian tradition often used in conjunction with acupuncture. The treatment involves heated globes placed generally on the back for three minutes. The suction and heat draws out toxins and oils from the skin, leaving the patron feeling rejuvenated. Producing increased blood flow, circulation and energy, the telltale circular patterns of the globes fade away in a matter of days. The therapy seems to be a choice of natural healing for Aniston and Paltrow, as they have been photographed with evidence of the globes.

Keeping things simple and low cost, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has found beauty in a bag of kitty litter. The natural clay based product is Fish Pedicures and Vampire Facialsmade from Bentonite clay, which originates from volcanic ash. The clay draws out toxins and is also used in many other ways as supplements and treatments. Polizzi and others simply mix equal parts of an unscented, all natural kitty litter and water, forming a mask. The easy, convenient way to a beautiful face, allowing for exfoliation for pennies, may just be in your garage or basement.

Various ways of beauty treatments are both bizarre and restoring. Fish pedicures and vampire facials may not be for everyone, but the odds are looking better all the time.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon

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