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flappy birdPhones apps are becoming increasingly popular, increasingly addicting and increasingly difficult as times passes. The app market is a constantly growing market for developers and investors to venture into with the growing accessibility and capabilities of the personal mobile device. With the recent boom of games like Angry Birds, recently popularized apps like Flappy Bird are capitalizing on the attention spans of the modern citizen while also enticing them to the point of flipping birds in frustration at the difficulty of the application.

Flappy Bird’s multiple millions of users have solidified creator Dong Nguyen and Hanoi-based games as the next brand to rise and fall in the waves of gaming apps available on Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Android Play stores; but on the contrary, many outlets have stated that Nguyen may have “flew too close to the sun” when the one time free app was suddenly removed from the market although it is estimated that it was making more than $50,000 daily from non-distractive ad incorporation. Supposedly, Nguyen is amidst waves of allegations with the possibility of a copyright lawsuit for the games similarities to the classic Nintendo original, Super Mario Bros series.

On the other hand, mobile gaming apps like Flappy Bird have both the console and handheld community split in their outlook and approach towards the gaming app. GameSpot journalist, Tom McShea, spares no mercy on his objective article entitled “The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird;” where he eloquently labels the game as the epitome of simple and expresses outwardly about how the game’s simplicity is a mere high score challenge between friends that has set the world on fire, while also commending the developers for earning profit from advertising without destroying or manipulating the core experience of users.

Waves of users expressed their frustration with the difficulty of simplistic game as some claimed to explode to extents of breaking their devices for failing to beat high scores. Whether it is Flappy Bird or Angry Bird, people are flipping birds towards their mobile devices with either shamefully telling stories of the difficulty of the apps from frustrated gamers or just pure frustration for the lack of attempts available or the price tag placed on freely maneuvering through the apps. The headline waves of negativity towards the game have left some users without the possibility of experience from making the developers life complicated and implicated.

Besides the waves of negativity there exist a silver lining in the tale, where now an emerging industry if Vietnamese developers will be provided industry opportunities towards financial gain. According to the country’s Ministry of Information and Communication, revenue of $690 million in 2009 grew to approximately of $1.2 billion by 2012; as well as Vietnam’s digital content industry growing from registered businesses to 3,883 registered businesses in 2012. Dong was reported on Feb. 8 stating via Twitter that the game is a successful hit but it ruined his simple life and now he hates it, then shortly apologizing to his fans that he will remove the game from app store because he could not take it anymore. Ho Chi Minh City-based music website, Pops Worldwide’s chief executive Esther Nguyen states that people will have more confidence that since Dong can do it, then they can. While some people are excited about the doors open by Flappy Bird, the industry is still seeking the next Angry Birds and others are just stuck flipping birds.

By Michael Augustine

WallStreet Journal

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