Ronda Rousey Remains Balanced as Hollywood Star and UFC Champion

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey’s life has become somewhat crazed with all the new-found responsibilities, though Ronda remains focused on keeping the balance between  Hollywood stardom, and the face of the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) women’s bantamweight division as champion. The UFC champ just recently received roles in the movies Athena Project and a lead role in Entourage. Ronda is set to start filming the HBO-based movie, Entourage, in March. That will be just weeks after making what could be her third title defense on February 22nd against Sarah McMann at UFC 170. Rousey has previous roles in Fast and Furious 7 and Expendables 3, which is expected out in theaters in August.

Ronda sat down with the media recently discuss the balance between being a Hollywood Star and being a UFC Champion. She wanted to make clear that fighting is her sole focus. The UFC Champ does not plan on leaving the sport like some of her predecessors have, one example being Gina Carano. Ronda grew up as a Judo practitioner, and was the youngest women to qualify for Judo in the Olympics. In 2008, Rousey qualified for the Olympics in Beijing and wound up winning a bronze medal in Judo. She has used a tenacious attack, consistent pressure, and a very dangerous submission move called the arm bar, to make her opponents heel to defeat in every single Mixed Martial Arts match she has had  MRouseyost of her fights have finished viciously in the first round.

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey was the first female fighter signed by the UFC when they purchased their competitor, Strikeforce MMA. The President of the UFC, Dana White, saw star potential in the brash, trash talking Strikeforce women’s champ and quickly promoted Ronda the be the first ever UFC women’s champion. Known for criticizing the likes of the Kardashian’s and also fellow Olympian, Michael Phelps, Rousey has never seemed to hold her tongue when asked specific questions. Whether she is a beloved-by-all champion, or a heel, Ronda will always embrace the role she is given by the fans.

The undefeated champion was primed for fame, and has seemed to learn how to handle the balance in stride. Being a UFC Champion is a heck of a lot different from putting on make up every day and acting. Rousey has always prided herself on being a “real” person on a daily basis. Her down-to-earth image has always been more important to her, and has been part of her appeal. She may have to make exceptions for some of the requirements of her new career, but she may surprise those who expect her acting career to turn her soft. Ronda is in shape, mentally and physically, for her match this coming month as well as the match ups ahead in her future. Ronda stated not long ago she wants to fight at least for two more years before she decides to move on to her next venue. Whether if it will be as the future of the UFC women’s brand or as a Hollywood actor is still yet to be seen, Rousey still has many decisions to make in her bright future. She has made all the right moves in and out of the octagon so far, and many cannot wait to see what the famed star will do next.

by Justin Huffman


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