Flappy Bird Flies Bye-Bye

Flappy Bird Flies Bye-Bye

Flappy Bird has apparently flown bye-bye for good. It was just on Saturday that the creator of Flappy Bird declared to the world he would be taking down the extraordinarily successful game from iPhone and Google Play app stores in just a day. It appears he has done just that because the game seems to have disappeared. In its place on the iOS leaderboard is some sort of Flappy Birds clone.

Flappy Bird’s designer, Dong Nguyen, who is from Vietnam, stated that he was just under too much pressure and success was too overwhelming for him. He also later declared that the game was not coming down because of any kind of legal problems, and he would not planning on selling Flappy Birds to anyone else. He had given a media interview only last week, and he admitted that the game was bringing in over $50,000 each day in revenue.

Numerous internet commenters believed Nguyen’s tweet had been nothing but a publicity ploy, that he was trying to get the downloads to go even higher. They even stated that Dong would end up having a change of heart at the very last minute after his tweets caused an outpouring of downloads and further safeguarded the game in the number #1 spot. However, it seems that they were the ones that were wrong because Flappy Bird does appear to be really gone from each of the iOS and Android stores.

The strange clone game that now appears to have taken Flappy Bird’s place on the iOS Store’s free games chart is named Ironpants, and the idea to it is almost exactly the same. A player controls a flying creature, and he or she keeps tapping in order to make the flying thing rise in the air. If the character hits anything, the game is instantly over. The creature appears to be some sort of superhero type instead of a bird, and the player must move around crates instead of flying around those pipes which looked so much like Mario-motivated pipes. But at the base, the game is really the same. The only difference that seems to have been noticed thus far is that the ads are much more suggestively more the player’s face.

Ironpants has been on the app store lists since Jan. 27, 2014. That was ten days after Flappy Bird first hit the top spot on Jan. 17. That also means it was there around two weeks before Flappy Bird was taken down. But is it possible that Flappy Bird might come back? That is Nguyen’s decision. It all depends on how it was taken down from the app stores. If the entire app package was removed completely, then Dong would have to resubmit the entire game and wait for the game to be approved. All the prior download counts and reviews it might have had would be lost forever. If he just went and switched it off country-by-country, he could bring Flappy Bird back by just clicking a few boxes.

However, that seems very unlikely with the way Dong left. He seemed to be upset at the success his game had achieved, and that is one reason why Flappy Bird has flown bye-bye.

By Kimberly Ruble


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